Kestryl Syvas

Iosan Gun Mage


Kestryl Syvas
Race Iosan Age 92
Height 6’ 1” Weight 145 lbs
Career Seeker/Gun Mage
Archetype Gifted (Strength of Will)
Languages Shyr, Llaelese, Khadoran



Derived Stats

DEF 18 ARM 13

Magelock Pistol +8, POW 10
Iosan Blade +6, POW 10

Military Skills Hand Weapon 1, Pistol 3
Occupational Skills Climbing 1, Cryptography 2, Deception 2, Detection 3, Disguise 1, Etiquette 2, Intimidation 2, Jumping 2, Negotiation 2, Lore: Arcane 2, Research 3
Abilities Cover Identity, Gunfighter, Language (Khadoran), Team Player, University Education, Craft Rune Shot, Fast Reload
Connections Seekers
Assets magelock pistol, rune shot casting kit, ammo bandolier, ammo pouch, mechanika plate coat, mechanika iosan blade, 20 rune cast bullets, sewer sanctuary, channeler’s skull (negate 1 fatigue 1/battle)
Funds 6,969 koltinas

Mechanika Plated Coat (tailored plate housing, arcanodynamic accumulator, fleet, compensator)
Mechanika Iosan Blade (sword housing, arcanodynamic accumulator, arcane force, accuracy)


Name Cost Up Effect
True Sight 2 Yes ignore concealment, camouflage, and stealth; see in darkness

Rune Shots

Name Cost Effect
Accuracy 1 boosts attack roll
Black Penny 1 ignores firing into melee penalty
Brutal 1 boosts damage roll against target directly hit
Detonator 3 if directly hit, 4” AOE on target; others in AOE take POW of pistol
Phantom Seeker 3 ignore line of sight, concealment, and cover
Silencer 1 completely silent shot, impact, and target
Thunderbolt 1 if directly hit, push d3” directly away; knock down after push on crit
Trick Shot 2 if directly hit, attack another within 4”, damage is only pistol POW

XP: 70

2 + 2 occupational skills Detection 1, Research 1
4 + 1 spell Rune Shot: Phantom Seeker
6 + 1 stat Agility
8 + 2 occupational skills Intimidation and Lore: Arcane
10 + 1 spell Rune Shot: Silencer
12 + 1 archetype benefit Additional Study – Rune Shot: Momentum
15 + 1 stat Perception
18 + 2 occupational skills Cryptography and Deception
21 + 1 spell Rune Shot: Trick Shot
24 + 1 stat Physique
27 + 2 occupational skills Etiquette and Negotiation
30 +1 archetype benefit Additional Study – Rune Shot: Detonator
33 +1 military skill Pistols
36 +1 stat Perception
39 +2 occupational skills Cryptography and Jumping
42 +1 ability Gunfighter
45 +1 stat Speed
50 +1 archetype benefit Additional Study – Rune Shot: Black Penny
55 +2 occupational skills Climbing and Jumping
60 +1 military skill Pistols
65 +1 stat Arcane
70 +2 occupational skills Detections and Research
75 +1 ability Instructor
80 +1 archetype benefit Additional Study – Run Shot: ?
80 +2 occupational skills

Kestryl was an outer attendant to Scyrah’s primary priests. Every day, he heard of her deteriorating condition, and he knew that Scyrah would eventually die. However, hope came to him in a dream. In it, he saw himself walking through a blizzard. As he pushed through the drifts and the biting wind, he saw a point of light in the distance. Kestryl forced himself forward, and the light grew, bringing with it a gentle warmth that took the chill from his bones. In the center of the light was a shining elven face. As Kestryl reached for it, he awoke in the night.

Kestryl consulted Scyrah’s sages about the dream. One of them reluctantly told him that the dream might point to a lost elven god outside of Ios, in a land of ice and snow. So Kestryl broke his vows and left his place at Scyrah’s temple. He exiled himself from Ios in search of answers and salvation for his people.

During his travels, Kestryl met with a gun mage named Giovanna Versalo and journeyed with her for a time. However, they were attacked by trolls on the road, and she was slain. Before the trolls could kill Kestryl, he picked up Giovanna’s gun, poured all of his will into it, and pulled the trigger. The rune-cast bullet that came out tore through the trolls, leaving nothing but charred bone behind. Kestryl buried his friend, then continued on alone. He quests to save Scyrah, but he carries the gun in memory of his Giovanna.

Kestryl believes that the answers he seeks lie somewhere in Khador. He hopes to gain access to the Golden Crucible’s archives and Korsk’s library. He knows of the Dogcatchers, and since they are outsiders who have gained some trust in the city, he thinks that joining their ranks is the swiftest course to achieve his goals.

Kestryl Syvas

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