Bastian "Ironhand" Kavanaugh

Cygnaran Traitor


Bastian “Ironhand” Kavanaugh
Race Human Age 24
Nationality Cygnaran/Thurian
Height 6’ 2" Weight 160 lbs
Careers Arcane Mechanik, Warcaster, Bounty Hunter
Archetype Gifted (Fast Caster, Magic Sensitivity 200 ft.)
Languages Cygnaran, Khadoran, Thurian



Derived Stats

DEF 12 ARM 15


Longsword +7 POW 9 Boostable
Repeating Pistol +5 POW 10
Scattergun +7 POW 12
Arcantrik Bolt +7 POW 12 Cost: 2 Focus Boostable
Convection +7 POW 12 Cost: 2 Focus Boostable

Military Skills Hand Weapon 2, Pistol 1, Rifle 3
Occupational Skills Command 3, Craft (glasswork) 2, Craft (gunsmithing) 3, Craft (metalworking) 3, Craft (Tanning) 1, Detection 3, Intimidation 2, Mechanikal Engineering 3, Rope Use 2, Tracking 3
Abilities Bond 4, Inscribe Formulae, Binding, Take Down
Spells Arcantrik Bolt, Aura of Protection, Boundless Charge, Convection, Force Hammer, Obliteration, Polarity Shield
Carrying storm-powered sword, storm-powered heavy warcaster armor, repeating pistol, ammo wheel bandolier with 2 fully loaded wheels, mechanikal scattergun, ammo bandolier (10 grapeshot rounds), 10 grapeshot rounds (pocket)
Funds 9,910 koltina
Other Assets rune etching kit, 9 light rounds (metal), goggles, gunsmithing kit, 4 leather shot rounds, alchemist’s apron, mechanikal tailored plate, Blackjack (custom light warjack), Ace (Nomad heavy warjack), storm-powered light warcaster armor, 2 draft horses, tack, and wagon, storm-powered tailored plate
For Sale clockwork capacitor (armor), pistol, military rifle, repeating pistol, quad iron, bayonet x 2, shield, combat shield, great sword, sword cane, warhammer, scattergun

Mechanikal Longsword
Housing Sword (Attack Mod 0, POW 5)
Capacitor Storm Chamber (Power Output 5, Lifespan 1 yr)
Runeplate Bond Plate (RP 2), Arcane Force (+2 POW, slam on crit)

Mechanikal Scattergun (Attack Mod +1, POW 12, ignores magical armor)
Housing Scattergun (Attack Mod 0, POW 12)
Capacitor Storm Chamber (Power Output 5, Lifespan 1 yr)
Runeplate Accuracy, Blessed

Mechanikal Armor (SPD +1, DEF +0, ARM +7, immunity to continuous effects)
Housing Tailored Plate (SPD +0, DEF -1, ARM +7)
Capacitor Storm Chamber (Power Output 5, Lifespan 1 yr)
Runeplate Aegis (RP 1), Compensator (RP 1), Fleet (RP 2)

XP: 100
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Mechanikal Engineering, Craft: Gunsmithing)
+ 1 Ability (Bond)
+ 1 Stat (Arcane)
+ 2 Occuptaional Skills (Craft: Metalworking, Craft: Tanning)
+ 1 Spell (Aura of Protection)
+ 1 Stat (Agility)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Command, Detection)
+ 1 Military Skill (Rifle)
+ 1 Stat (Agility)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Craft: Glasswork, Intimidation)
+ 1 Career (Bounty Hunter) and + 2 Occupational Skills (Rope Use, Tracking)
+ 1 Ability (Take Down)
+ 1 Stat (Intellect)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Rope Use, Tracking)
+ 1 Ability (Binding)
+ 1 Stat (Physique)
+ 1 Archetype Benefit (Spell: Obliteration)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Craft: Mechanikal Engineering, Craft: Metalworking)
+ 1 Ability (Bond)
+ 1 Stat (Arcane)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Craft: Gunsmithing and Command)
+ 1 Military Skill: Rifle
+ 1 Archetype Benefit (Spell: Force Hammer) and +2 Occupational Skills (Detection and Tracking)
+ 1 Stat (Arcane)
+ 2 Occupational Skills (Craft: Glasswork and Intimidation)
+ 1 Ability (Bond)
+1 Stat (Arcane)



Bastian is a Thurian man in his mid-twenties. He has dark red hair and bright, intelligent green eyes. His skin is fair despite all of his time spent on the battlefield, and he has attractive, youthful features.


Bastian tries to be aware of his surroundings at all time, a result of both his intense military training and his natural magical gift. He is naturally brash, but his life in the army has tempered him somewhat. Still, he’s no stranger to action, and he knows how to jump into a fray and react to the speed of battle. Bastian carries himself confidently, since he knows he can hold his own when trouble shows up.

Bastian is passionate about his homeland, and he misses it terribly, but he feels too shamed to return. Any slight against Cygnar will not go unpunished if he has any say so. Bastian looks down on Menites as over-religious zealots, and he isn’t terribly fond of Khards, but he knows there are greater enemies, such as the Cryx. Those kinds of nightmares he fears above all else, and he will gladly ally himself with Khards and Menites to destroy such monsters.

Family and Friends

Hanagan KavanaughFather, 49 years old – Hanagan is a practical man who has been farming his entire life. His once red hair is going gray, and time has worn lines into his face. Hanagan can be a bit gruff on the outside, but he cherishes his family and the few friends he has.

Dana KavanaughMother, 48 years old – Bastian’s mother is a strong, caring woman who dedicated her life to raising her children and working alongside her husband on the family farm. She has bright blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Where Hanagan is gruff, she is tender, though to press her is far more foolhardy.

Meara GowanSister, 29 years old – Meara is the eldest Kavanaugh child. She inherited her mother’s hair and her father’s personality; she’s a no-nonsense woman. She is married with several children of her own, and she’s used to keeping them (and her husband) in line. She and her husband keep their own farm. They have good relations with her parents and often exchange work and favors.

Teagan KavanaughSister, 17 years old – Bastian’s younger sister is the polar opposite of Meara. Where Meara works hard and steadily toward a better future, Teagan lives in the moment. Teagan is a beauty with strawberry-blonde hair, and her good looks draw many customers to the pub where she serves drinks. She lives at home with her parents, though she’s often out late dancing or finding something to entertain her.

Adept Victor PendrakeTeacher, 52 years old – Adept Pendrake was Bastian’s primary mentor in the Cygnaran military. Pendrake is a seasoned warcaster of Caspian descent with a multitude of successful campaigns under his belt. He is a wise tactician and a powerful fighter, and he sticks to rank and tradition when dealing with others in the military. As a result, he was never quite open and warm with Bastian, but he cared a great deal for his development. Bastian’s laid-back personality often conflicted with Pendrake’s rigid one, but the old warcaster still taught Bastian much. Bastian thinks of him as an important father figure, and Pendrake was one of the few people Bastian said goodbye to personally before leaving Cygnar.


The turning point in Bastian’s life was the first time he commanded a force in battle. He and his Cygnaran soldiers faced off against an army of Khadorans, led by Sivasha Makarov. The two sides could only exchange glancing blows before the Cryx came. The monstrosities swarmed against all, though Bastian and his men took the brunt of the first attack. The Cygnarans held the line for a time, but when the Cryx surged again, Bastian was struck by a blade and bashed on the head. Wounded and stunned, he could only watch as the Cryx flooded through the ranks and slaughtered his men. Bastian fell, and when he awoke, he found a bloody battlefield nearly devoid of the usual dead. The Khadoran army was likewise destroyed and unaccounted for. Bastian knew what had occurred: the felled men and women had been taken by the Cryx as fresh recruits. Broken in body and spirit, Bastian returned home. He could not bring himself to serve Cygnar again.

Bastian seeks to rebuild his life after his world was shattered by the devious Cryx ambush. His ties to his parents and sisters grew thin during his years training and serving in the military, so all he gave them was a brief goodbye via letter before departing for Ord in search of a new life. Bastian’s family is disappointed and hurt that he left without really saying goodbye. His sisters feel the most betrayed, as Bastian was always the golden child due to his gift and military station. They feel insulted that he turned his back on everything given to him. Regardless, they are all worried about him.

Bastian "Ironhand" Kavanaugh

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