Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir's 9

Letter to Rogue & Events


I am delivering the grave news. Alexei is involved as suspected and it has cost my brother Kigir the life he had. The Red General is dead at the hands of a Iosan woman nicknamed the Black Widow. There is more forces at work than we could have expected. I wish there was more to say but the results of our previous work says everything. L.R. has played his hands and at last Rowan’s contempt for this man is understood. His target of Khador has to do with Riversmeet, something both Rowan and I stand responsible for as well.

We have a great deal of work to do ahead of us. If the letters stop then you have all right to assume I am dead. Perhaps it would be best you do so now before the inevitable does finally claim me. I am uncertain how far I will have to go to see the end of this but it is apparent loss of faith in my own country is the first step. I am much farther from escaping the shadows then I expected.

Ledi v Chernom


“Expect this short. I appear incapable writing something that I haven’t felt the need to destroy shortly afterwards. Between confessions and reflections that reveal nothing short of weakness and self doubt, and the endless anger that I thought I had escaped. Perhaps such things never come to an end… now that it has direction again, however….”

“…It is clear that even my beloved country is unable to see what foolish mistakes it has made in the change of administration with the Winter Guard. Soon the war with Cygnar is going to ignite with an intensity no one can claim to have seen. I have already seen the looks my countrymen are giving Ironhand, one who has openly separated himself from his country, is facing new waves of discrimination…”

“…I delivered the Red General’s blade to his wife following his passing. My duty indicates it should have gone to our Empress, Lady Ayn yet I found no honor in doing such. To see Lady Ayn in flesh is to be an grace, an honor, yet I lack all desire. Another duty done was to leave the tags of the Durga clan member outside their home. I scrawled messily a letter indicating Durga should rethink how expendable his clan is in the eyes of L.R. I may not be able to reclaim my Uncle’s station but I will plant doubt and strip him of contacts in Khador anyway I must…”

“…My letter to Rogue was brief. I am unsure what to say other than I think for now, my contact with him is safe if short and distant. I find myself displeased with this but right now it is best…”

“Kigir’s funeral arrangements have been made. This was not how our rivalry was to end. I was supposed to show my superiority to him on fair grounds. This… now I inherit the position of eldest child by a false death. My parents favoritism to shift to their warcaster child whom I will have to out as a traitor. Following my Uncle’s removal from the Winter Guard, what further grief am I forced to deliver to them. Will there be satisfaction if I bring Alexei back to face judgement knowing it is another Makarov to face shame. The very brother I owe my life…. why?”

“In better news. Gashunk has returned. His children are safe. I have pulled a few strings to ensure they are going to be treated well and that their identities are kept hidden from any prying government figures.”

“Aureus Grimson. Our new hire. A Menite from the Protectorate. Talents and useful, undoubtedly. However another clash of ideals is on the Horizon I am certain. At least I can find humor in these disputes if anything.”

“Ne Odetyy v chernyy , poka yeye pyaten krovi on malinovyy snova.”



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