Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 6

Octesh 608 AR

There was much more written in the original pages that I have since ripped out and burned. As much as I desire to recant the entire story… I cannot do the experience justice with my words. So I will give simple exerts and an explanation where things are changing. I am sure Rowan has recorded the events far better than I could have done.

My Uncle Boris Makarov has been forced into an early retirement. From Rowan’s investigation it has become apparent that outside forces helped in securing the escape of many prisoners, but seeing it happened under his watch, it is he who must take fault. I find it too convenient the man seeking to replace him appears to have assumed power long before he has actually obtained the rank of captain. His family are a line of strategists and it now appears that he is investigating the Dog Catchers… which reason is unknown however he has now crossed the Makarov twice. I find it plenty reason to assume his lust for power is a key motivating factor for… unsavory actions against my Uncle. If what I suspect is correct then his actions have been offenses against Khador itself… though admittedly it is not that I am terribly concerned with. I truly wish to see this man brought down due to his crossing of a Makarov…

It was through my Uncle’s desire for one last great act to bring in the Rogue that sent us on this… adventure. First to the pass where… I will skip the embarrassing start to our encounter, but it ended with he and myself talking. For some reason he was all to come with us to what was to be his death. Was I conflicted? Yes, as would anyone in the situation where one is forced to possibly turn in someone who has done nothing but aided, or help protect one’s own blood. However our train out of the pass would be torn apart by canons.

After the sound, I could not escape the feeling we were at war, and perhaps it was for the best with what was to come. As we would come face to face with the Everblight itself, something that appeared to haunt Dinalagos a great deal, and he appeared to know the head of this sect personally. I wonder if they were once allies… or always bitter enemies. It remained unclear but as all things with Dinalagos. We were victorious which… I have simplified it all merely to avoid retelling it. It was a fight for survival and a fight against time to avoid becoming blighted ourselves. Bastian came practically to life after we found the monument the Lady Ayn, a heavy warjack, that he used… that still sits uncomfortably with me. I am not certain if it is due to my Khadoran blood watching a Cygnaran wielding such a relic, or it was merely the idea of wild-eyed Bastian having such in his arsenal again. He killed many of my men with those…. though from what I have eyed it appears he has come into possession of one once more. Help my sanity.

Regarding the Rogue… I was incapable of delivering the Rogue to my Uncle. Primarily as the true Rogue is dead. He died out there in the wilds and the only person to return outside of our party was Dinalagos’s comrades and a survivor named Kendrick.

I wish I understood his fascination with what I went through. He said he did his research, said he… felt sorry I went through such suffering alone. Out of pride I almost wished to put a bullet in his head, but part of me wonders why he even… cares? I found some comfort and finally sense in the truth of him at least, and am relieved that the Rogue was free to die outside the walls of Korsk. Perhaps… I am fond, but such connections at the moment are still dangerous to have. He, a mission of his own, and I… I still carry my poison.

I do speak of my quest for Revenge. I no longer deny such desires are toxic and poisonous on the soul and mind. I fear Bastian’s softness is rubbing off as he discovers his dislike for the war we both once reveled in. However this is a poison that cannot be purge by any other means by satisfaction. Then… then I shall be free to follow whatever path is still set before me should I walk away from that fight. Though perhaps this man and the information he has given has further motivated me to ensure that Radimir’s death is not my grave as well.

The man who owned the train we were on, the one that was blown apart, appears to have been carrying a great deal of illegal firearms. The second train whose occupants were ripped to shreds was carrying what Bastian described as “necrotech.” One does not have to imagine how I reacted to such news. Part of the information our new ally provided was that Mr. Vargas, the man who intended to steal the sunburst gem, appears to have the desire to use the gem for one disgusting war jack. What further is that this gem is the one that had been found on my family’s train. Vargas is not a War Caster, however my suspicions now rest on my young brother who appears entwined in this mess. Alexei, if you are bringing such shame upon yourself, understand that I will have little choice but to…

Even if he did save my life… It is a confusing thought. It is not Kigir that I am now to suspect for nefarious action but Alexei. As if the Makarov’s did not have enough problems.

For now due to the investigation of the Dog Catchers most are holed up in one of the old Safehouses of the Rogue. Even I am resolved to keep my presence low here to avoid question of our adventure as I think over what to do. Appears Kendrick left me a gift however, his revolver. Now that I look at it… I see he has not once fired it. Then somehow regarding his style, I’m not surprised.



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