Dogcatchers of Khador

Korsk Tribune 7

The Month of Katesh

The Blight Subdued!

Last week, the city of Uldenfrost and several other cities along the north were evacuated to prevent the Blight from striking the more vulnerable cities. The Red General replied to the action by sending a large contingent of forces to meet the majority of their armies. Before the two armies met in combat, it is reported that the Blighted army went into a frenzy, tearing one another apart or fleeing. The armies of Khador won a swift and decisive victory, though no one is certain why the Blighted armies acted to strangely.

Minimal casualties were accounted for, but the cities have not yet been populated. The amount of troops to the north has been doubled since the act, keeping a vigilant eye on the actions beyond the mountains.

The Rogue is Dead, Dogcatchers Wanted

To the north, shortly before the Blighted armies began their rampage, the Dogcatchers had somehow managed to subdue and capture the The Rogue in Hellspass. When put on the train, the actions that occurred could not be spoken for, other than the remains of two trains. One was identified as a passenger train with minor amounts of cargo. And the second was merely shrapnel by the time authorities arrived to survey the scene. The train was later identified as another passenger train, though no passengers were found.

Officials claim the two were caught in a type of scrap, but the body of The Rogue was not found, only his hat and a set of his playing cards. The few remaining survivors claim the Rogue was caught in the rear car during the explosion…though their testimonies weren’t in the right mind. As the only armed individuals on the train, the Dogcatchers are being hunted down under suspicion of derailing and destroying both trains. The new head of the Winter Guard, Franz Durga commented: “When my officials arrived on the scene, they found corpses strewn all over the place. While they are effective at capturing criminals, their bloodlust seemingly knows no bounds. We will hunt and bring this rabble to justice.”

So far The Dogcatchers have not been found, and no one has seen them since their departure from Hellspass.

Makarov Steps Down, Durga Steps In

With the recent breakouts, Boris Makarov was forced to step down as Head of the Winter Guard by popular demand of the War Council, and Lady Ayn II herself. As a replacement, the War Council unanimously elected General Franz Durga as the new Winter Guard Commander. Makarov was reluctant to retire, but because of insistence by his superiors, his decision was made for him. “I have done my best to keep the criminals in check, but it appears I have failed,” says Makarov, “My only hope is that my successor is able to keep things under control.”

Durga is known for his strategies against both Cygnar and Menoth, and it is claimed that his victories are nearly limitless. The Durga family follows his footsteps as scholars and strategists, and even have themselves placed in the Khadoran Government.

Rommel Azarov Missing?

About two weeks ago, Rommel Azarov, responsible for several innovations for Khador’s great military, went silent. All communication with his vessel at sea went dead, and no one is able to find him or the ship anywhere. Repeated searches were made, and only a few turned up sighting the ship, but before they could reach it, the fog had rolled in making it impossible to see.

His daughter, Zachik Azarov has expressed her concern for her lost father, and has ordered several of her own men to search for him. The workers, devoted to the Azarov family, have been at work tirelessly to try to trace Rommel’s location.

Mage Hunters in Khador

A small group of Mage Hunters were seen traveling from the borders near Rynyr and into Khador. Under the pretense of the higher ranking officials of Ios, their purpose is unknown. The welcome received by the officers in Rynyr was mixed, as their presence could only mean trouble. Though the views of mages is often skewed, they manage to take down some of the more troublesome enemies where our own soldiers may have trouble.

They have been left alone for now on their travels, though patrols are keeping a keen eye on them and their actions. Whoever they are after may have trouble.

Trollkin Going Missing

Recently, patrols have found that previously inhabited Trollkin camps have turned up empty. There are signs of struggle, though the direction in which they have moved or been moved is unknown. Of the few camps vacant, there have been one or two dead Trollkin, though it is suspicious that they are considered old by Trollkin standard.

While this is not a matter of pressing concern to the Khadoran Military or Government, a few scouting parties are keeping a close eye on surrounding Trollkin camps in order to determine their attackers.



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