Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 5

“Capturing the Rogue was easy. Too easy in fact. Something about this man seems misleading and I am not a fan of being deceived. I don’t believe him to be dangerous but something around him is.”

“Too good to be true always is such. The train ride, while enjoyable in the beginning, took a turn for the worst. Another train surprised ours and ripped it off the rails with Ogrun battle canons. We all survived the crashed but most of the other passengers were beyond help.”

“I found the other train loaded up with various illegal weapons and enough ammunition to start a war. All of them seemingly belonging to Juan Vargus, his initials being stamped on just about every crate in there. I have no idea as to what exactly are his intentions but I plan to find out and soon.”

“…Turns out the Rogue isn’t the original Rogue, just a man using his processor’s reputation to further his own ends, which seem to be part of something bigger. While the original Rogue was a thief, this one doesn’t really seem to be that way. Yes he steals but only to return the item to its rightful owner. Is that really theft? The question of whether turning in this man burned in my brain and apparently Bastion was having the same internal discussion. On one hand, this man’s reputation would further my own exponentially and the reward on his head was hard to pass up. On the other, his hanging would be for the crimes of another. In the end, the Rogue died the same way he lived, in reputation only. This man, whoever he really is, could serve as a potential ally…”

“Dinalgos mentioned something called an “Everblight” that has been wreaking havoc on his people and the world in which they live. Honestly, I have never given the Nyss people much thought and this blight is news to me. It is rare to discover something of which I didn’t know at least a little about it before hand. In my search for truth I guess I neglected to realize that there is more out there than just the Kingdoms. There is also corruption out in the wild places where few can travel. I may just have a bit of exploring to do when I have more free time…”
“We found an abandoned city, by all accounts due to fear of the blight. We took shelter for the night but before too long we found ourselves being invaded by an army. We did all we could to avoid the main group of soldiers but we encountered the leader of the army while Dinalgos and myself were regrouping. There seemed to be some history between the two but one can never really be sure with Dinalgos…”

“The ship came just in time to fend off the largest of the army. We managed to escape back to Korsk but since the “investigation” of the Dogcatchers we had to settle in one of the former Rogue’s former safe houses. The adjustment will take some time but in the meantime I plan to investigate these investigators. I’m sure it will be like watching children try to figure out how a steamjack functions, amateurs.”

“My knock-out rounds arrived from the Golden Crucible! With these, non-lethal takedowns should be all the easier. If they prove to be successful in practice as I theorize they are, this could be a huge advancement for law enforcement. Speaking of which, my discourse awaits!”



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