Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 10

“With the upcoming release of my Discourse I haven’t had much time to report on what happened in Thornwood. It appears that Myrrel was there to cause problems between the tense Khadoran and Cygnarian forces stationed there. Seems like Makarov’s brother is involved in L.R’s plans. Not smart on Lamsyn’s part to piss off Makarov, maybe he is slipping…”

“We got a new team mate recently, Aureus Grimson. He’s a priest from the Protectorate. His preachy ways seem to grate on the rest of the team’s nerves but he has proven himself to be useful.”

“Aureus asked me to come take a look at some dead Menite priest the other day. Seems both of them were murdered by an old Orgoth gun as evident by the charge powder left from the close range shots. The question was who could afford to be using something that old and powerful.”

“I was invited to meet with a secret admirer. In my past, most people who want to meet me in secret are either there to tell me they are trying to kill me or are actively trying to kill me so I came armed. Good thing because I was met by a large man and his two friends. While he did come with a copy of my book to have signed he was there more to keep me in check while some of his friends tried to bounty hunt my friends. I wasn’t pleased but had little choice. We took up a chess game.”

“There is a reason I hate conversation. The man spent a great deal of my time telling me every detail about myself and why my book was flawed. Guess he fancied himself a great investigator, laughable, but he did have the advantage on me. He asked me questions about myself but I hardly replied to them, I hate talking about myself. He then proceeded to talk about himself, I hate talking about others even more. He also spoke about how I was blinded by emotions, also laughable, and could I find a topic I hate more. It became clear to me that they planned to kill me with boredom and that I must escape,”

“I remembered the bottle of Heart Stopper poison I had acquired on one of my earlier missions and made the excuse of going to grab drinks. While I was at the bar I managed to slip the poison into his drink without him knowing. The man knew everything about me but to be suspicious if I am drinking since it is something I just don’t do. I remember why; on top of making you dumb it also taste like shit. Luckily the foul-tasting liquid hid the poison taste. However the man was a Skorne and seemed to take the poisoning with a bit of humor. He did let me go as a reward for my cleverness.”

“I tried to get to my friends but it did not seem I was fast enough. While most of them were able to handle themselves it seems we lost Teegan, Bastion’s sister, in the fray. She is being held captive by who I’m come to find is Bastion’s old mentor. Seems there is corruption in both Khador and Cygnar, ha.”



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