Dogcatchers of Khador

Bastian's Journal #1

From the journal of Bastian Kavanaugh…

Good Morrow! What have I gotten myself into? My memory’s a bit fuzzy on the other night. I had lost myself in some Morrow-forsaken hole in Ord, trying to drink myself to death in peace. Then out of the blue, Rowan Voyle appears, trying to bring me in for some job. The fellow won’t even order a drink. Strange, he is. Anyway, we go to leave, and there’s Makarov – yeah, that Makarov – with a bloody grin on. I don’t rightly recall what happened next, but I may have drawn steel on her… No harm done, I suppose. Next I know, I’m on a train to bloody Korsk of all places. I meet there with a dwarf, Tavik Stonehammer, who wants me to join his crew of bounty hunters – Dogcatchers, he calls them. Stonehammer seems like a decent sort. Then there’s Dinalagos, a quiet Nyss fellow, and Gashunk, the resident trollkin bruiser. We got us a job to bring in a Khadoran deserter named Anton, and we track him to the Khador/Llael border. We took out the mercs guarding him and got Anton in custody, though someone in the woods tried to snipe him. Don’t know where the sniper ran off to. Turns out Anton was blackmailed. He was taking Khadoran plans for a new Colossus to L.R., whoever that is. We dragged Anton back to Korsk and turned him in. I’m sure the military will sort it out.

I may have found something to occupy my free time at least. Stonehammer is letting me use the warehouse out back as a workshop. I’m putting together a big rifle to bring in some coin, as the warehouse is far shy of a proper workshop, and equipment is not cheap, no sir. Hopefully the locals don’t mind buying from a Cygnaran, though I think the quality of my work and cleverly reduced prices will draw their eyes.

I’ve been lost for some time, but I feel something on the horizon. I hope it’s something good. Time will tell, I suppose.

The Korsk Tribune Opinion Column 1
29 Cinten 608 AR

BS & R Overstepping the Tax Laws

As a journalist, I cannot speak for everyone when I say that the Blaustavya Shipping and Rail has gone a bit too far with their raised taxes. The train that runs through my neighborhood has upped its charge from three koltina to five! While we need BS & R, they can’t expect business owners (Especially small ones business) to be able to support the growth of their stores. Big business has no problem in dealing with this increase, but it seems like they’re shoving out the little guy. BS & R has failed to meet the expectations promised. A store at Frenja street has fallen on tough times since the increase. I hope that you all agree with me and see that our “faithful” economy doesn’t crumble underneath the weight of big business. Discuss.

Alexei Gruzinsky

As a small business owner in Rorschik, I have no way to meet the cost of shipping of the goods to create the items I am selling. The amount doesn’t seem like much, but the amount adds up. Every fifty pounds costs five koltina. I ship almost seven hundred pounds of goods to be built. 70 gold can afford several days worth of food for my family, and my most expensive goods cost a few koltina, and is not very popular. How am I supposed to make money from this?

Fizgig Tzerka

There is nothing wrong with the increase. At best, you may just have to increase your own prices. The BS & R is just trying to match the rising demand for goods, and the danger of passing through difficult and dangerous areas. The koltina is weak right now. Respect your economy, it knows what it’s doing.

Zeris Delov

The Korsk Tribune
22 Cinten 608 AR

Revered Bounty Hunter Tavik Stonehammer in Business Again

Tavik Stonehammer, known for co-founding a previous endeavor with the famed corsair Solin Breaker, has invested his large sum to undertake a new venture. Stonehammer has not given much in the way of information to the public, but he makes note of the Trollkin that accompanies him will be taking part in the endeavor. Also seen within this business venture were several interest parties including a member of the Makarov family, who couldn’t be stopped for an interview.

Stonehammer only other hint toward his business venture is the name, which he crudely titled, Dogcatchers.

Gang Related Violence Sweeps Korsk

On 21 Cinten, evening, citizens reported several shots fired in the market district. When officials arrived on scene, three men were found dead, and two wounded. The injured victims were taken to an infirmary, but were then arrested, as they were in possession of several stolen goods and other illegal items.

There is no identity on the assailants, though the gang members claim it was one man.

Warfront Report Week of 14 Cinten – 21 Cinten

Khador: 233 Casualties, 149 Injured, 31 MIA
-Officers: Stagni KIA, Krom MIA

Cygnar: 319 Casualties, 37 Captured
-Officers: Pavell KIA, Reynolds Executed, Havelock Detained

Standstill as of 20 Cinten

The Juggernaut In Progress

Khadoran Mechanik, Rommel Azarov, has stated he is making extreme progress in his endeavor to create the largest, most powerful steamjack the land has ever seen. This has been a project of his in the past year, and his last work ended with a rather large explosion and a few casualties. The Union has sponsored him, despite his past failings stating, “Progress isn’t always perfect, but we believe Azarov to be this generations hope for perfection in the steamjack industry.”

With this steamjack, he plans to use it as a spearhead for the Cygnaran front, though with the recent standstills he may put it to use elsewhere.

Lucky Numbers and Letters

A 29 32 40
F 7 13
Z 2 33 8


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