Dogcatchers of Khador

Korsk Tribune 4
For the Remaining Month of Rowen

Pack Rat Captured!

At the beginning of the month, the Pack Rat was responsible for the theft of a famous blade, and was set upon stealing the famous Sunburst Gem from the hands of our own Gaius Stanic, Collector and Philanthropist. Thanks to the efforts of The Dogcatchers, the infamous thief is behind bars and suffering from serious injuries, which he’s being treated for and is expected to live.

On the night of his intended heist of the gem, Stanic comments that the bounty hunting group was very thorough and worried about his safety throughout the mission. Though the Pack Rat made a mess of things, and was nearly away from the scene, but the efforts of Rowan Voyle and a Nyss elf who goes simply by ‘Din’ managed to track him down and subdue him.

The team also reports a large Ogrun who was unidentified until his autopsy, but is supposedly a former tribal chieftain of the Throatripper clan. He is remembered a savage, merciless killer who has cleaved through countless guards to reach his mark. But he has met his end and is no longer a threat.

Finally, Castellan Juan Vargus was arrested for collusion with murder and grand theft. However, shortly after his arrest he posted a bail of 500,000 Royals.

Battle at Rynyr Solved

After some careful examination, investigators found that the cause for the sudden retreat in the Menoth ranks was due to a large caliber explosive striking from the sky and splitting a massive fissure into the earth. Because the earth outside in Bloodstone is craggy, and filled with holes that could not be explained.

Upon further inspection, the shell appears to have been set underground long before the battle, but is not of a make that is Khadoran, or anything familiar. The shell has been recovered and is under keen investigation.

Northern Villages Burned to the Ground

North of Tverkutsk, three villages were found burned to ashes. The villagers were nowhere to be found, and no traces of struggle could be identified. The only evidence left behind was a palm print traced in ashes, placed upon the face of a tree. The tree, startlingly, was left untouched at the heart of the village.

The same scene is at the neighboring villages, and no one seems to have witnessed what happened until the smoke had settled. Any evidence should be reported to the authorities.

The Red General Leads Conquest on Cygnar

On 23 Rowen, Grigori Stasvite, aka The Red General, led an assault on Cygnaran forces that was responsible for a hard push through Thornwood and to the borders of Bainsmarket. The kill tally was in the thousands, and the Cygnarans took a staggering loss, while Khadoran forces took minimal casualties.

The Red General is nearing retirement, and the Warcaster believes his title should be passed to an able command. His list of candidates is short, but he believes he may make the right decision when the time comes.

Rogue Still at Large

Rogue, as is his only name, is a criminal of both small and large magnitude. His movements and motives are considered unorthodox, and his thefts often seem trivial, to the point he may just be doing it for fun.

At the center of Rowen, Rogue was responsible for stealing a large shipment of goose feathers meant for pillows. The train was set for Korsk from Volningrad, but was intercepted mid transit, where the final car was detached and set adrift. Before the authorities could catch the runaway car, it was empty, and no traces were left behind, save for a single playing card with the K on the King of Spades etched into an R.

His only quality people tend to comment on is his handsome appearance.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 2

“My list of projects grows daily and I welcome the influx of activity. So far my list of task is such
*Discover the source of the counterfeit gold
*Work on a coded system of hand signals
*Find a way to benefit the damaged Ordic economy
*Discover the connection between the ominous 12th number warning and the man’s threat
*Any information regarding the whereabouts of L.R
*Information regarding the stolen weapon

“Shiva came to my room to see if I would take on a job for her mother. Apparently the missing weapon is linked to her family’s history. She offered me money and a chance to take a look through the Weapons Museum without the usual crowd. I invited her to join me; I figured her presence would add some credibility to the request and she could deal with the general public so they wouldn’t bother me. The guards tend to leave me and the crime scene alone when there is an attractive woman present”

“The work of this Pack Rat person is incredible. There is little doubt about the level of skill this gobber has in his craft. It took someone of my caliber to notice how he got in, much less his signature calling card. While I do not approve of committing crime, I must give a certain amount of respect to anyone with such talent. I have the highest regard to anyone focused enough to reach the peak of their craft…”

“…it was a total massacre. Turns out this Pack Rat isn’t a killer, but someone he works with is a butcher…”

…that slipper fiend made his way out the window! Dinalagos and myself gave chase in the hopes that he wouldn’t get away. By the Maiden, how I hate running! Luckily, Dinalagos shot him in the leg with an arrow with a rope attached and that made catching him easy…"

…the gem was a fake. Inside the gem I could read the initials L.R. Turns out there is a much bigger issue at hand. It’s only a matter of time before I get more information on his whereabouts. One of these days, I’ll get him."

Bastian's Journal #3

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

After finishing that blasting pike for Anastasia, she cut me a deal for her uncle’s workshop. I got her to throw in a couple of her boys to help me haul the goods back to Tavik’s, and I spent many an hour shuffling things around to my liking. Now I’ve got me a serious mechanik’s shop, I have. My work was cut short, however, as duty called. A job turned up about some Gobber thief called the Pack Rat. He aimed to rob some rich fellow of a priceless jewel, and we got hired to stop him. Gashunk and me took on the front door and the big ogrun who came through it. Man, was he quick! I’m glad Gashunk was there, or I might not be writing this now. I got in a good shot on the assassin, but it was my big green friend who took him down for good. The others got hold of the Pack Rat, and all valuables were recovered – however, the mysterious L.R. seems to have swapped a fake jewel for the real one sometime previously. The real one is supposed to be some kind of rare arcane accumulator, holding properties similar to that of a storm chamber (which I seriously doubt), but the fake, while a good replica, projected L.R.‘s initials when held in the right light. We can thank Rowan for finding that tidbit. I did Makarov a favor and got her sword back from where the rich man’s turncoat butler had sold it and met a fellow Cygnaran in the process. I don’t know what drove me to do it. The sword seemed important to her. Maybe I felt like she’d been through enough for one day, and a little kindness couldn’t hurt. I hope she doesn’t expect us to be friends all of a sudden.

I’ve barely seen the sun for days, but I’ve done it! With the help of Gizmo, my new apprentice, I’ve created my first storm chamber. The boy’s bright as they come, but he’s a bit excitable. I have to keep him on track, or he forgets his mind and tinkers with whatever’s in front of him. The storm chamber is the first piece of my warcaster armor. The set I had back in Cygnar was mostly destroyed in that final battle. Besides, the military kept the remaining bits to reuse them for someone else, no doubt. No matter – I want to try something different. We find ourselves so often in city streets, and belching coal smoke isn’t the most subtle thing for armor to do. My storm chamber might not be as powerful as an arcane turbine, but it’ll do the job.

I have the boy working on fabricating the breastplate for my armor. He’s doing a fair job with it, though I have to step in to keep him on task and guide him through the complicated bits. Meanwhile, I’m making good on my promise to Rowan. His new mechanikal masterpiece is nearly complete. Just gotta finish inscribing the rune plate, but Morrow my hand always cramps up working on those things. Someday I’ll have teach the boy to work runes so I can pass that off onto him. Morrow, Menoth, and the Maiden, I am not looking forward to inscribing the plates on my own armor (five weeks of tiny scribbling!). Beware, all you who might disturb me then, for I shall be grumpy as a dead man removed from the grave!

Sivasha's Memoir 3

Rowen 9, 608 AR

Strange how a few simple words results in the loss of what patiences I have left.

Business took an interesting turn, somewhat personal in fact. It started yesterday when mother summoned me to inquire of Rowan’s talents. A blade belonged to Commander Svlada Tankjin, an ancestor on my mother’s side, had been stolen from the Museum of Khadoran Military History. Due to my business with the Dog Catchers, she knew of our dealings, and sought to hire him onto the case.

Rowan Voyle is a curious man. His room littered with various stacks of papers each likely linked to their own different cases. I hold no doubt few are large scaled conspiracy theories with how often he buries himself into his work. It is that very fixation and determination that makes him a valuable ally, and one I have a preference to working with. While I can aid him little on his investigations, my rank and status, better yet my family’s, gets him where he needs to look. There are a few things to be learned from the man. As I have said, each ally is a valuable asset in someway, Rowan’s is his intelligence, foresight, and extensive knowledge one can learn from.

We started at the museum where Rowan discovered a small hole in the skylight a small individual needed to go through. Gobber clearly. However it was reported the owner of the blade had passed, so checking out his location we found, a far more gruesome sight. The door kicked in with a large foot. The servants littered the floor, ripped open almost effortlessly, it reminded me of that battlefield. I muttered something about war but I am glad I did not lose myself to dare mention its familiarity to the Cryx brutality. The one responsible appeared to love the kill. Rowan recalled in the paper stating a priceless gem known as the Sunburst had been purchased, clearly the next target.

It was there the job want poster was delivered. Tavik Stonehammer sent word the Pack Rat was wanted, alive for 500 and extra 500 for knowledge of the blade’s location. Eventually we caught up with the other three of our party: Dinalagos, Gashunk, and Bastian, to inform them what knowledge we had already procured.

Over all what can be summed up is that our mission went better than expected. Our employer’s life was spared, the gem (which turned out to be a fake) was safe, and full price was rewarded. However there were snags. The smoke bombs, the butler that appeared to be linked within, a very large assassin, and inevitably the L.R initials that represent some greater party involved.

The gobber, the Pack Rat, I turned into the Ravenguard. Initially his interrogation turned up little, not by any fault of Rowan’s skill, but the creatures personality. Then he mentioned they choose between “Success for all” or “My Honor.” I felt almost possessed when I approached offering to take over. I started to threaten him and eventually learned of a pawn shop the blade had been sent. Bastian, surprisingly, went to recover it. I was left to bring the Gobber to my uncle, only to have hit a snag in my path there. Once more this creature brought up my honor, and claimed to know about me. Perhaps I had been been slighted one too many times this night or maybe it did wound me, but without questioning my actions I blew the thief’s fingers off.

No one has the right to speak to me of what shame I feel or the status of my honor, especially some cowardly thief that has never known the horrors of battle. However now, he can carry the scars like many wounded soldiers do, only his are a sign of punishment for pressing his luck too far.

The sword was retrieved and returned to the right hands once more. I do not discredit any team member for their part despite my lack of mentioning them. Dinalagos unique tree of talents ensured the Gobber’s capture. Gashunk and Bastian were guarding the front door where the large assassin entered through. Without them, surely I would have soon faced that beast alone.

Did meet a pleasant woman by the name Anatasia carrying things to what appears to be Ironhand’s new shop. Appears that has carried through successfully. She apparently knew Kigir, something I attempted not to cringe at, but her rank deserves her respect even if the family names she bears is one littered with traitors. Must be some weight to carry knowing many expect the same fate of her I’m sure. I hope for her sake and my own, as she seemed likeable, that no such deed comes to pass.

I need to steady my hand, perhaps its time to retire. The night was long and sleepless, a battle has taken place, and as we appear the victors for now only time will tell. What war are we fighting?

Korsk Tribune 3
Rowen 6 608 AR

Illegal Steam Jack Parts Found in Transit

On Rowen 2, Khadoran authorities inspected a trade caravan set for Korsk to find a large amount of military grade ’jack parts within its carts, hidden among foodstuffs and furs. According to officials, the tradesmen played dumb to the parts, but were arrested all the same and placed in jail until the matter could be settled.

The origin of the parts is mostly a mystery, but officials determine they have been recovered from the front in the wake of the last few battles and shipped to be used as free, cheap parts for resale. An investigation is underway to determine whether the smuggling is part of a larger ring of criminals, or if the crime was simply a spur of the moment action.

Priceless Blade Stolen

Officials are uncertain of the date, but Commander Svlada Tankjin’s historic blade was pilfered from the Museum of Khadoran Military History. The blade has nearly one-hundred years of history behind it, and is celebrated as the blade responsible for ending the first Thornwood Skirmish. The theft is a mystery, as there are five guards posted at four hour intervals all day to keep an eye on the treasure.

It is believed the theft is the work of a famous thief by the name of The Pack Rat. But his usual calling card of slaughtering the owner of the artifact has not occurred, and that is usually his calling card. Perhaps it is simply because the owner has passed years ago.

Comb Family Crumbles, Ord Economy Crashes

The Dogcatchers have once again made themselves known, apprehending the head of the Combs Family of Ord, Fenris Combs. It may be recalled that Combs is wanted for several counts of extortion, theft, and vandalism. Murder may now be tacked onto his track record, and it is thanks to the Dogcatchers that Fenris found his way into a cell. After losing both of his arms at the elbow, it took a few minutes for him to stabilize, but he was given medical attention upon reaching the Khador prison.

A member of the Dalston Trade Company was also arrested for acts of extortion, but his first name has been withheld by family.

Following the crumbling of the Combs Family, its largest operation, Combs Manufacturing and Shipping, has hit rock bottom, and an estimated 5,000 workers have lost their jobs. “I’m not sure what to do anymore,” says Ginny Havelock, a former line worker at Combs, “The company was the only thing keeping a lot of us employed, and now we have nothing.”

The moral conundrum of helping the many while persecuting the few is something on everyone’s minds now.

Menoth Assault on Rynyr Results in Failure

With a combinations of Khadoran resolve and help from Llaelese insurgents, Menoth’s attack on Rynyr has been beaten back for the time being. The attack occurred on Rowen 3 and lasted until Rowen 4, and was followed by four legions of Menite soldiers again a single legion of Khadoran soldiers.

“We’re not sure how we triumphed, other than our men and women’s will to live,” states General Zaitschev, “We were outnumbered and outgunned, but as soon as they began to storm the walls, a massive cry ripped through their ranks and they dispersed.”

The mystery of their victory is not being investigated, as it may turn against them at any point.

Urcaen Prediction

Today is a day to remember those who have fallen to protect our rights, give thanks to those who have served and are still alive, and embrace your family members, because you may never see them again.

Wisdom: Keep tempo with every third thought, avoid the number 12, and cut out the middle man.

Opinion Column

Topic: Counterfeiters

As you may have read, counterfeiting has become a large issue within our borders. The Dogcatchers were tasked with taking down the ring, but they have yet to do so. You know what I think? The counterfeiters got to them, and they cut them a deal. That’s how they’re able to live so well. I also hear they have a troll and a Cygnaran in their midst. Shady!

I say we look at the local criminal organizations though, the Robin’s Nest and the Durga Gang are my guess. Think about it, they’re the two richest gangs in Korsk, and they have the most to gain from it.


Alexei Gruzinsky

The Dogcatchers are irrelevant in the equation of their involvement. We’re dealing with crafty fellows who know how to make us run around each other. Take a look at the Khadoran First Bank, we give them all of our money, and they just keep charging us…just for holding it. What’s up with that?

Michal Faltin

It’s been Hell trying to pass the money at any given noon or evening hour. I can’t bring fake or real bills or coins to the market! Every time I do, I’m waiting for hours on end.

This has become a problem, and it needs to be solved, or else we’re going to take a huge shot to our economy. I’m out hundreds of koltinas just based on this counterfeiting stupidity.

When it’s Rowen 12, it will come time to get whats for me and mine.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 1

…though I was not the intended recipient of the invitation, Tavok seemed pleased to see me after I told him his life story. He offered me the job and I accepted; The Dogcatchers seems like as good a place as any to earn greater recognition.

…it was strange coming across Bastion in such a state but the work we are doing and the prospect of opening up his own shop seems to have brought back the man I remember working with…

…Dinalagos is an interesting man. He is a silent one but he can follow leads that I cannot see, a rare find…

…working with Sivasha to act against the enemies of Khador brought back memories of old times. It’s nice to see a familiar face when out in the field…

…Gashunk is a mighty warrior. His abilities in battle will prove invaluable and makes me feel more secure within our group. His talents have a fell caller have me curious as I haven’t encountered such a sight before…

…LR, I know those initials all too well. It would appear the game is on.

…seems there is no need for me to chronicle my adventures as a fellow named Flynn Kilbride seems to have taken an interest in them. He is an intelligent man who also hails from Midfast and a member of the Golden Crucible no less. I will enjoy having someone in which I can converse about places familiar and new ideas.

…counterfeit money and an innocent man in prison, I must get to the bottom of this, the truth must be revealed!

…turns out not all is as it seems and we have no reason to try to get the “innocent” man off the hook. He is guilty of a far worse crime…

…Bastion and Gashunk are fearsome fighters and made short work of our assailants. Between the two of them they managed to dispatch four men and a steamjack. The last one gave up without a fight. I believe he saw the logic in giving up when I gave him the option.

…I found Kerwins! I can’t get too excited about the find and I must try to preserve them. Only have one after a successful mission

…I collected the hand canons from the pistoleer we brought in. I had them mounted and placed on the wall. Souvenirs will make good story pieces for visitors and help further my reputation…

…I have decided to invest three hundred in Bastion’s workshop. It’s a large sum but I hope to try to build up this group as quickly as possible. To be the best I need to be working with the best with the best stuff. Soon I will begin working on coded hand signals to make use more effective in stressful situations…

Sivasha's Memoir 2

I detest when family business interferes. Social obligations required me to miss out on an opportunity. These things unfortunately happen when one wears the name Makarov. Stonehammer informed the job involved counterfeited coins circulating through a business and family sabotage. Sounds as though they are events I could have heard from in my mother’s circles. Nothing of true interest to me outside the effects on the economy.

A little brutality missed but I have the memories of war to make up for that. Appears as though the Magus is regaining what steam he lost in the past years.

On the subject of the Magus, I came to a decision. I sent a servant to deliver a decent sum of coin to put forward to furthering his shop progress.. I will be operating through my servant until I feel the animosity between the Magus and myself is dissipated enough that I find it right to do so. Until then my servant shall be the runner between. As it to this moment makes my blood boil to be put in such a position, my need goes beyond even that of my country, forgive me. To hunt the assassin I must take advantage of every resource available and he is one of those resources

A true lesson to all future attempts on my life.

Do not fail.

Sivasha's Memoir 1

Progress, at last.

Stonehammer sent an invitation to visit, and then extended an offer of employment in his company. “Dog Catchers” it is called, a simple and almost laughable name, but such little things matter little. What does matter is Stonehammer appears aware of my desire. He spoke of righting a wrong, speaking clearly of the attempt on my life by a traitor within my ranks, that left me in recovery for nearly two years. The way he spoke of it makes one question how much he knows or relates to the subject.

My first job, unpaid work mind you, was to seek out none other that Magus Ironhand to inquire his lack of response to Stonehammer’s invitation. Rowan Voyle, a man I met some time ago during the Llael occupation and fellow Dog Catcher now, would serve as the persuasion. Why would I do such work unpaid? There is a certain satisfaction to be found in Ironhand’s face when he saw me in his drunken stupor. The Thurian could barely hold his blade after so much alcohol. I consider myself fairly merciful for not taking the opportunity to indulge in striking back, but I did not need to feed his ideas of conspiracies against him. I still wonder how that armor fits, the Thurian appeared as though drinking had become sport.

I unfortunately doubt I can still hold drink following my ailment. No time to find out either, or desire, in the coming months I will need to be at the top of my game once more.

Our true first job required tracking down a deserter of the Khadoran army. A fairly straightforward job that required tracking and a little questioning. Rowan’s talents were most useful. Dinalagos, a Nyss whom I recall also meeting in Llael, served as fine tracker. Though my personal favorite interaction, outside reminiscing with Rowan of situational similarities to Llael, was Gashunk’s elegant breaking down a door right onto another mercenary door keep. Intimidating the men after that point was more than enjoyable especially following the disrespect I was shown originally.

Eventually he was captured and brought in. I was left uncertain his motivations for leaving as he spoke of unusual plans regarding a specific type of war jack. Interesting thought of what my country is delving into. Perhaps I am one of the few who truly detests the War Jacks and their presence, loathing the exalting the War Caster’s receive, when it is soldiers who truly fight and die for their country.

I was paid and that was that. Word has circulated of Ironhand now sending out missives regarding a workshop. As much as I detest the war caster and his country, I may have need for such weapons, especially with what I intend to do. However this is a true matter of pride that will take more thought.

Bastian's Journal #2

From the journal of Bastian Kavanaugh…

Things are looking up! We got ourselves a nice sum and a bit of reputation, we did. A local merchant was concerned about the presence of counterfeit coins circulating through his warehouse, and his son was caught using the stuff. The merchant wanted us to prove his son’s innocence and bring the real culprit to justice. Well, once we get investigating, we find some crates of Ordic peat in his warehouse – only, they aren’t just peat. They got chopped up bodies in there as well! The crates were shipped from Combs in Midfast, so off we went to look him up. We found ourselves at a big shipping operation and pushed our way in to meet Combs himself. He didn’t take kindly to our accusations, but after some forceful persuasion, he confessed to his crimes. He confessed something else, too – it seems the merchant’s son wasn’t so innocent after all. He was trying to ruin his father’s business in order to partner up with Combs. Well, we dragged Combs back to Korsk with us and told the merchant everything. He didn’t take the news about his boy’s betrayal so well, but he paid us all the same. We never did find out where those coins were coming from…

The money’s building up. Soon I can furnish my warehouse proper and get Iron Arms on the map!

The Korsk Tribune 2
31 Cinten 608 AR

Dogcatchers put the Traitors in Their Pens

Following on last week’s story of Tavik Stonehammer’s return to the bounty hunting business, it appears that the first endeavor by the fledgling company has yielded them positive results. A former Sergeant in the military, Anton Murdov was caught after abandoning the front lines and taking with him plans which, if they fell into the ground hands, would mean trouble for our nation. Members of the organization could not be reached, but General Ogden Pavlenko commented, “Because of the war, our own could not track him down, but we are thankful of his capture. The Khadoran Army thanks you.”

Anton Murdov’s trial will be held tomorrow and led by Judge Rzhevsky.

Murder, Subterfuge Across the Borders

While it does not pertain to the Motherland, it is of interest to every nation. A murderer who goes by Red Tooth, has decidedly struck again within the borders of Cygnar for the seventh time. His previous victims have all been described as attractive young women, and a visitor from Korsk has been found within Ceryl. She has been identified as one Ariadna Tattin, 20.

Like the rest of the victims, all four back molars are pulled from the victim’s mouth before they asphyxiate them. She was located inside of a hotel room, and the authorities could not find any witnesses or suspects.

Famed Scientist Making Progress, Taking a Break

After a week’s work, Rommel Azarov has stepped farther than one man has gone in the ’Jack community. He has given insight into his Juggernaut, detailing it as the size of the average warjack, but capable of feats far greater than any in existence.

He has decided to take a break from his work, leaving his protege Ivon Tschavsky to keep on his work.

Azarov says, “I have made great progress, but it has cost me sleep. I’m going to take a trip to see to settle my nerves. When I return, expect the construct finished by the end of next month.”

Counterfeiters Leave Officials Baffled

Yesterday, a man was caught attempting to pay for spare parts with fake currency, and he has been detained. After claiming he had no idea the currency was fake, an investigation has taken place, but nothing has been uncovered so far. The koltinas and kopeks appear authentic, but the etchings on the ‘heads’ side has been poorly sculpted and is not a copy of the original mints.

Several suspects have been rounded up, but officials believe that the counterfits may have begun across our borders. Ord and Cygnar are both suspected.


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