Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 6

Octesh 608 AR

There was much more written in the original pages that I have since ripped out and burned. As much as I desire to recant the entire story… I cannot do the experience justice with my words. So I will give simple exerts and an explanation where things are changing. I am sure Rowan has recorded the events far better than I could have done.

My Uncle Boris Makarov has been forced into an early retirement. From Rowan’s investigation it has become apparent that outside forces helped in securing the escape of many prisoners, but seeing it happened under his watch, it is he who must take fault. I find it too convenient the man seeking to replace him appears to have assumed power long before he has actually obtained the rank of captain. His family are a line of strategists and it now appears that he is investigating the Dog Catchers… which reason is unknown however he has now crossed the Makarov twice. I find it plenty reason to assume his lust for power is a key motivating factor for… unsavory actions against my Uncle. If what I suspect is correct then his actions have been offenses against Khador itself… though admittedly it is not that I am terribly concerned with. I truly wish to see this man brought down due to his crossing of a Makarov…

It was through my Uncle’s desire for one last great act to bring in the Rogue that sent us on this… adventure. First to the pass where… I will skip the embarrassing start to our encounter, but it ended with he and myself talking. For some reason he was all to come with us to what was to be his death. Was I conflicted? Yes, as would anyone in the situation where one is forced to possibly turn in someone who has done nothing but aided, or help protect one’s own blood. However our train out of the pass would be torn apart by canons.

After the sound, I could not escape the feeling we were at war, and perhaps it was for the best with what was to come. As we would come face to face with the Everblight itself, something that appeared to haunt Dinalagos a great deal, and he appeared to know the head of this sect personally. I wonder if they were once allies… or always bitter enemies. It remained unclear but as all things with Dinalagos. We were victorious which… I have simplified it all merely to avoid retelling it. It was a fight for survival and a fight against time to avoid becoming blighted ourselves. Bastian came practically to life after we found the monument the Lady Ayn, a heavy warjack, that he used… that still sits uncomfortably with me. I am not certain if it is due to my Khadoran blood watching a Cygnaran wielding such a relic, or it was merely the idea of wild-eyed Bastian having such in his arsenal again. He killed many of my men with those…. though from what I have eyed it appears he has come into possession of one once more. Help my sanity.

Regarding the Rogue… I was incapable of delivering the Rogue to my Uncle. Primarily as the true Rogue is dead. He died out there in the wilds and the only person to return outside of our party was Dinalagos’s comrades and a survivor named Kendrick.

I wish I understood his fascination with what I went through. He said he did his research, said he… felt sorry I went through such suffering alone. Out of pride I almost wished to put a bullet in his head, but part of me wonders why he even… cares? I found some comfort and finally sense in the truth of him at least, and am relieved that the Rogue was free to die outside the walls of Korsk. Perhaps… I am fond, but such connections at the moment are still dangerous to have. He, a mission of his own, and I… I still carry my poison.

I do speak of my quest for Revenge. I no longer deny such desires are toxic and poisonous on the soul and mind. I fear Bastian’s softness is rubbing off as he discovers his dislike for the war we both once reveled in. However this is a poison that cannot be purge by any other means by satisfaction. Then… then I shall be free to follow whatever path is still set before me should I walk away from that fight. Though perhaps this man and the information he has given has further motivated me to ensure that Radimir’s death is not my grave as well.

The man who owned the train we were on, the one that was blown apart, appears to have been carrying a great deal of illegal firearms. The second train whose occupants were ripped to shreds was carrying what Bastian described as “necrotech.” One does not have to imagine how I reacted to such news. Part of the information our new ally provided was that Mr. Vargas, the man who intended to steal the sunburst gem, appears to have the desire to use the gem for one disgusting war jack. What further is that this gem is the one that had been found on my family’s train. Vargas is not a War Caster, however my suspicions now rest on my young brother who appears entwined in this mess. Alexei, if you are bringing such shame upon yourself, understand that I will have little choice but to…

Even if he did save my life… It is a confusing thought. It is not Kigir that I am now to suspect for nefarious action but Alexei. As if the Makarov’s did not have enough problems.

For now due to the investigation of the Dog Catchers most are holed up in one of the old Safehouses of the Rogue. Even I am resolved to keep my presence low here to avoid question of our adventure as I think over what to do. Appears Kendrick left me a gift however, his revolver. Now that I look at it… I see he has not once fired it. Then somehow regarding his style, I’m not surprised.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 5

“Capturing the Rogue was easy. Too easy in fact. Something about this man seems misleading and I am not a fan of being deceived. I don’t believe him to be dangerous but something around him is.”

“Too good to be true always is such. The train ride, while enjoyable in the beginning, took a turn for the worst. Another train surprised ours and ripped it off the rails with Ogrun battle canons. We all survived the crashed but most of the other passengers were beyond help.”

“I found the other train loaded up with various illegal weapons and enough ammunition to start a war. All of them seemingly belonging to Juan Vargus, his initials being stamped on just about every crate in there. I have no idea as to what exactly are his intentions but I plan to find out and soon.”

“…Turns out the Rogue isn’t the original Rogue, just a man using his processor’s reputation to further his own ends, which seem to be part of something bigger. While the original Rogue was a thief, this one doesn’t really seem to be that way. Yes he steals but only to return the item to its rightful owner. Is that really theft? The question of whether turning in this man burned in my brain and apparently Bastion was having the same internal discussion. On one hand, this man’s reputation would further my own exponentially and the reward on his head was hard to pass up. On the other, his hanging would be for the crimes of another. In the end, the Rogue died the same way he lived, in reputation only. This man, whoever he really is, could serve as a potential ally…”

“Dinalgos mentioned something called an “Everblight” that has been wreaking havoc on his people and the world in which they live. Honestly, I have never given the Nyss people much thought and this blight is news to me. It is rare to discover something of which I didn’t know at least a little about it before hand. In my search for truth I guess I neglected to realize that there is more out there than just the Kingdoms. There is also corruption out in the wild places where few can travel. I may just have a bit of exploring to do when I have more free time…”
“We found an abandoned city, by all accounts due to fear of the blight. We took shelter for the night but before too long we found ourselves being invaded by an army. We did all we could to avoid the main group of soldiers but we encountered the leader of the army while Dinalgos and myself were regrouping. There seemed to be some history between the two but one can never really be sure with Dinalgos…”

“The ship came just in time to fend off the largest of the army. We managed to escape back to Korsk but since the “investigation” of the Dogcatchers we had to settle in one of the former Rogue’s former safe houses. The adjustment will take some time but in the meantime I plan to investigate these investigators. I’m sure it will be like watching children try to figure out how a steamjack functions, amateurs.”

“My knock-out rounds arrived from the Golden Crucible! With these, non-lethal takedowns should be all the easier. If they prove to be successful in practice as I theorize they are, this could be a huge advancement for law enforcement. Speaking of which, my discourse awaits!”

Korsk Tribune 6
For the remainder of Solesh and majority of Octesh

Sunburst Gem Returned!

After months of its disappearance from its previous benefactor Gaius Stanic, the Sunburst Gem, previously pilfered by an unknown entity, has been returned and is safe in Stanic’s hands. The Gem was returned by one Rowan Voyle, member of the Dogcatchers, and an up and coming detective in Khador. The Ordic man has carved out a niche in Khador solving difficult crimes, and he has impressed authorities and enthusiasts alike.

Now that the Gem is in Stanic’s hands again, it will be placed in the Khador National History museum at the edge of Korsk where it will be under lock and key, and constant surveillance. Chief Security Officer of the museum, Granice Shiska, states: “We’ve lost it once in tranist, and now that its under our watch, we will have someone standing by on alert.”

Rioting Takes a Strange Turn in Rynyr

After another month or rioting, and several acts of vandalism and arson, the rioting has suddenly stopped all through Rynyr. An air of uneasy calm has fallen over the civilian and military forces inside of the city. No one is sure why the riots have stopped, and many arrests were made as soon as everything came to a halt.

The total number of arrests have reached the thousands, inside and outside of Rynyr, as bandit forces have also suddenly stopped their rampage in the country.

“We’re not sure why it’s stopped, but we plan to use this standstill as a means to put things back in order,” says General Zaitschev.

Prison Breaks Take a Dark Turn

A recent prison break has released a dangerous criminal back into the streets, and authorities are wasting no time in searching for him. So far, they have uncovered nothing of the whereabouts of Fenric Combs (Inmate #: 311192). Combs is noted for several accounts of extortion, theft, and murder, though his recent injuries have baffled authorities as to how he has escaped.

Along with Combs, Anton Murdov, a traitor to Khador, has also been liberated and is nowhere to be found. The two seem to be on the run together, as they escaped on the same night, and their footprints are seen leading away from the scene.

Any information should be reported to the Winter Guard immediately.

Menites in Khador?

Because of the recent attacks against Rynyr, forces were put on edge when a small band of Menite Scrutators and a lone woman were admitted into the borders. While we couldn’t question them on their presence, the young woman was identified as Matilda Alkott, a woman responsible for several published works in the Forensic Investigation field, as well as several of the modern investigative tools used by many detectives today.

She and her party are currently residing in Korsk, though their movements are unknown.

Sivasha's Memoir 5

Solesh 608 AR

Trust is becoming increasingly scarce as a number of revelations have come to light. It appears I am even to suspect members of my own house of ill fated endeavors. Perhaps it was the other but him, the very brother who I loathed yet been indebted to for rescuing me from the field. Of all people to inform me too it is the infamous Rogue that I now take word of? The Sunburst gem was undeniable however why would a thief return it? The mark of the item put that much of a prize on his head, or was this all an attempt to gain my temporarily alliance?

It appears our last job however has given me far more answers regarding Radimir Srata, while bringing up more questions. “Shivers” as he is called, was an inmate turned hand of the guilds, a hitman essentially. My feelings on assassins are well known however it appears I have little choice in making an exception. The Dog Catchers were sent by his father to learn of his fate, and we found him. The blade he wielded, was too similar to the one that impaled me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it most of our time there.

In fact I had words with Dinalagos after our mission for his disregarding the warnings I gave chasing an assassin with such a blade. The old man may consider his life the one to be sacrificed but he appears to understand little when it comes to those blades. If it does not kill you and you are not tended to, there is a chance you become like them. Disrespect from the very man I freed in Llael those years ago. Words were had afterwards and it went far more amicably than expected, but an argument with Dinalagos appears to be the equivalent to having an words with a wall.

However eventually “Shivers” revealed the way to gain his freedom was through the Executioner. A duelist, I was ready to accept such a challenge, even if the man was cheat using trolls. It had been sometime since a duel. Bastian, Gashunk and I took the offer while Rowan and Dinalagos sought to seek an exit elsewhere. The Executioner was a deranged Iosan for certain, and the trolls, well that has been the closest encounter I have ever had with such beasts. Luckily I am far faster than them. The Executioner perished at our hands.

It would be a later conversations that Shiver’s informed that he served sentence alongside of Radimir. I knew… I knew that blade came from him. It appears he was one of the few capable of beating The Executioner in a fight. What is more disturbing is he is the reason the Iosan was blighted. What we did was a mercy killing, which takes away the joy of that victory. That is the fate of the blighted, an incurable madness, given to him how. Was I staring at a possible fate of myself? Am I to become the monster that he was should I never recover?! This cannot be I…

(The few lines are blurred ink from some sort of spilled liquid)

What a waste of good Vodka. For the better those lines were lost anyways, I was starting to sound simply as mad as a blighted. Whatever rage and anxiety faced me has passed. For now their is little else to say outside that I will be having to investigate my brother’s affairs a little closer now. I will also be seeking to start investments within business in Khador. Preferably a small endeavor in which many aristocrats have not stuck their hand yet so I may take a form of credit for not only my sympathetic ties to the organization but one of the few true backers. I could use the reputation boost since it appears the only public engagements I’ve had is socializing with Anastasia and having some mysterious masked Rogue use a masquerade to dance and exchange information with me. Dancing in ceremonial armor had to be a sight, maybe I’ll do him the favor of wearing an actual dress to avoid the vicious heels on my military shoes.

Another… almost humorous twist in my life. Ironhand during the mission discussed what happened that day. Appears he knew little of what happened nor appeared to realize my obsession with it. I must have been doing something right to pass of for so many weeks. However speaking openly of it is strange, I am uncertain I like it, but if it makes me more human than monster, I will indulge it.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 4

“I was told by the housekeeper that I had a friend waiting for me in my quarters. This was strange as, other than Flynn, I haven’t met many people who can relax enough around my scrutiny to call themselves my friend. I was right to be suspicious as waiting for me was an Iosan woman who referred to herself as Merryl, obviously a fake. She came to try and dissuade me from my investigations into L.R, a foolish endeavor. However, that bitch had smoked three of my Kerwin’s and was strapped up with explosives. She said they would be keeping an eye on me. This only emboldens me, however, since I know they are wary of me and now I have a place to begin finding out more information; It is impossible to keep a tail on someone without them being able to follow it back to the head.”

“I decided it was best to inform one of the others about the predicament my past and present seemed to have created. Shivasha dropped by and as she had a frame of reference for the information she seemed the best candidate. She seemed to take my revelation well and was properly concerned about the information I intimated to her…”

“…we took a job to rescue a man from a prison-stay gone long. While it seemed like a strange job to take I found a certain appeal to the idea of freeing a man who had paid his due. Once again, our current justice system has failed its citizens.”

“…the prison/city was as strange a place as one could imagine. It was like any other sun-baked, hole-in-the-wall, backwater town except all the neighbors were valuable, dangerous criminals. We were led to The Warden’s office and spoke with him at length about the prisoners freedom. He did not seem too keen to help us, for free that is. I tried to arrange a business proposition with him about where we unload our prisoners but he didn’t seem interested…”

“…using the pin holes in the wall and a map of the city, I was able to determine some possible locations to begin our search. This method must be remembered, shared, and capitalized upon. The locations were murder sites, turns out our man was an assassin of sorts..”

“…Din and I went to find a way out of the prison. I guess one could do battle with the Executioner of the prison but the statistics for that route were unfavorable. We searched for hours and came up empty handed. However we made a right turn and found ourselves at the fight in progress. We pulled the floor out from under three trolls, the fall killing them instantly. Some kind of disturbance happened above but I was out of view…”

“I find myself with a good sum of money after this last job. I’ve had an idea buzzing about in my skull but I don’t know anyone with the skills to create such a projectile. I need to see if I could commission a member of The Golden Crucible to manufacture this weaponry, just like in there past. This could be the first of many investigator’s gadgets that I could think up to go along with the method of criminal science I’m working on…”

“My birthday is coming up soon, or was, I need to remember to cross off the days on my calendar. Either way, that is my signal for my annual day off. I believe I shall spend it researching the methods of noteworthy investigators or maybe trying to broker a few small business dealings in Ord, but no working. Once I finish writing up my treatise on modern prison reform that is…”

Bastian's Journal #5

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

What an adventure that was! An old ex-gangster named Gregor hired us to retrieve his son from a prison colony in the Bloodstone Marches. We made the long journey and entered the strange amalgam of city and prison, and we quickly located where our target had once been staying. The apartment was empty, though Rowan’s keen eye spotted a place where a map had been pinned to the wall. Once he put another map above the holes, he found us some locations – locations that led to apparent murder scenes. We didn’t know if our man was investigating the killings or committing them, but after some hunting, we found him. Or rather, he found us. He called himself “Shivers” due to an old artifact of Orgoth magic embedded within. It gave him power, but he had to fight its control, which resulted in trembles, it did. Turns out he was behind the killings after all, as he had hired himself out as a hitman for the crime guilds within the prison in an effort to free himself. Of course, that hadn’t worked, so we took the last solution available to us: enter into a gladiator match with the prison’s executioner, of course! Shivers told us that anyone who could defeat him would gain his freedom. Now, nobody had done it yet, but they weren’t us, now were they? Gashunk, Makarov, and I took on the executioner and his pet trolls. Once we felled the executioner, someone saw fit to send more trolls after us. Fortunately, our friends Rowan and Din had been down in the sewers below us, and they opened up a trap that dropped those trolls to their deaths and put a safe gap between us and the one that remained. The fight won, we got Shivers his freedom, and we delivered him safe back to Korsk.

I had an actual conversation with Makarov. We spoke a bit about the ambush back when. It seems it’s affected her as hard as it has me. Maybe harder, it has. What else is there to say on the matter? I suppose we can but hope that time heals these wounds as well.

I’m working strong on the rune plate for my armor, at long last. Meanwhile, I have Giz starting on Makarov’s housing. That shouldn’t take us too long, provided I can get my own project wrapped up. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she sees the finished product. I’d wager, I would, that she’s never worn mechanika like mine!

I almost forgot – some criminal thinks to intimidate me with threats of violence and death. That now-armless fellow we put away some weeks back. What was his name again? Combs? At any rate, I suppose I’ll be writing soon about his failed attempt.

Korsk Tribune 5
For the Majority of Solesh

Massive Warjack Trafficking Halted

It has only been a few months since the Dogcatchers have made their name in Khador at the beginning of Cinten, but already they have placed themselves at the pinnacle of bounty hunting excellence. A job posted by Royal Engineer Zachik Azarov has yielded startling results. After the work of the Dogcatchers, authorities were able to glean from the information given to them that the smuggling ring was responsible for thousands of koltinas in stolen ’jack parts, as well as tariff prices.

The head of the smuggling ring, Billin Winnefred, owner of Winnefred Publishing in Five Fingers, was detained in the Korsk prison under guard by Boris Makarov himself. Winnefred is charged with smuggling, treason, and theft, but there is a whole laundry list of crimes he has yet to answer for.

It is thanks to the efforts of the Dogcatchers that the ring was uncovered and put a stop to.

Mysterious Disappearances Continue up North

While reaching the borders, it has been reported that more villages have been burned to the earth without a single shred of evidence, save for a single ashen palm print on the bark of a lone tree. Some determine this is a sign of the coming of a terrible era in the north, but others assume it is just some terrible fanatic reaping the rewards of a destitute wasteland.

A few patrols of the Winter Guard have been sent to investigate the instances, but two of the four patrols have been reported missing. Their trails go cold at the most recent village, and their weapons and armor were found at the scene, but there were no traces of them in any direction.

Unrest in Rynyr

After the battle against the Menite army, riots have begun to break out across the city. The majority of the riots have been quelled, but at the cost of a few of Khador’s finest soldiers. With each passing day, the riots appear to get worse, and if they are being led by anyone, the Winter Guard hasn’t turned over any stones to lead them to the head.

The total death count has finally broken the hundreds, more than half being Khadoran, and the rest being mostly Rynnish. “If the riots do not stop, we will have to use brute force to stop them,” declares General Zaitschev.

There appears to be no reason behind the riots, though the Winter Guard believes it is attributed to the lack of their usual government in place.

Wanted List

Inmate 236813: Anson Borne — Escaped Rowen 27 — Convicted of Murder: Seven Counts
Inmate 211981: Kita Razia — Escaped Rowen 29 — Convicted of Grand Theft: 250,000 Koltinas in property
Inmate 300128: Havelock Stonehammer — Escaped Solesh 1 — Convicted of Treason, Murder: One Count
Inmate 512231: Aesha Athier — Escaped Solesh 1 — Convicted of Forgery, and a list of War Crimes

Stand Still?

The battle led by Grigori Stasvite, AKA The Red General, has ended in a stand still once more. The order was called by Stasvite himself after his forces broke down the siege gates at Bainsmarket. His actions caused a great deal of confusion amongst his men, but they agreed and have set up camp in their usual spot.

Stasvite comments, “My actions are no unfounded. Because we have broken their siege and chose to do nothing with it, means we are capable of doing it again, and gives them a chance to be frightened.”

The Red General has left his men in command and taken a short leave of absence to visit family.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 3

“I have spent my time going back over my books and notes about the system of law in the Iron Kingdoms and the modern science of investigation. After a thorough search my assessment of them is that they are woefully inadequate. There is no search for truth or knowledge, just quick satisfaction for the offended. This must change…”

“…Seems someone is out to get Bastian but, I’m not sure who as much as it pains me to admit. A gun of his design seems to have been sabotage. The list it too long to narrow at this point. It could have been the work of someone with a grudge against his homeland or a merchant that is tired of losing customers. Bastian does seem to have a way of antagonizing the locals.”

“It would appear that the word “justice” is ill-defined amongst our group. After promising leniency to a gunmage that offered all the damning information we sought, which he had in spades, members of my group wanted to double-cross the man. I spoke out against this course of action, I had to. To lower myself to the level of the people we seek is abhorrent to me and I see no reason not to bring people to justice through the proper channels, flawed though they may be. If I can show the restraint to bring my parent’s killers to justice in a lawful fashion then surely my team members can do the same against strangers. We are investigators and lawmen, not leg-breakers or assassins. I know my role in the group is to be the eyes and mind of the group but must I also be their moral compass?"

“I must make another meeting with a man named Arkin Falk. While a poor man, he seems to have a wealth of knowledge that may prove useful in my upcoming endeavors. I enjoying conversing with those who have excellence in a field that is not my own; I cannot become broader in my scope by remaining focused in only a few subjects. However, as I cannot know everything try as I might, having access to a man connected to a web of information is invaluable.”

Sivasha's Memoir 4

End of Rowan, 608 AR.

Why do thieves think it is a wise idea to steal from the Makarovs? Appears the Rogue chose to make a target of my father and I upon our private train, and I am far from impressed. At least he had manners to introduce himself so I know the face of the man I seek. Rowen offered some knowledge, I believe I will have to look a bit more into it.

Speaking of, the last job has proven a more than fruitful endeavor to my own goals. We were tracing scrapped warjack parts from battleground shipped in. Eventually led us to find a fight arena for the warjacks in the hole of a city Five Fingers. The owner of the said ring, a capable gunmage, despite the beating we gave him… shall prove a useful contact. If there is one place Radimir Srata would have passed through it must have been there. He will likely have discarded the name Radimir but there is no removing the scar I left him in turn.

The job went well though there seems to be some interest questions of morality amongst our companions. Dinalagos revealed a very… I am uncertain how to describe the mannerisms I saw. Admittedly I have little qualm with lying to a target and turning them in later, but Makarov’s in business are taught to be ruthless. Most of those we deal with are not the sort I would hold any regrets to double crossing anyways. Bounty Hunting is as business after all, and each of us have goals, and mine is to ensure the biggest gain is made from a job.

Speaking of, there was a far from pleasant encounter with some pathetic excuse for a middle level house. The Matriarch dared to show a Makarov such disrespect despite it is their house buying parts from such questionable individuals. One should learn not to insult particularly vindictive nobility with connections. Well at least it appears one of their sources have been cut which means they will have to go through months of seeking a new merchant to purchase from.

Ah, and yes, I am uncertain how I could leave out this detail. Apparently there is someone out to sabotage Ironhand. Anastasia requested a meeting to inform me of the situation and when I arrived my uncle informed me of his gun’s backfiring. A secondary look revealed the gun’s tampering a_nd I informed him of Bastion’s actions as a Dog Catcher. I vouched for him, sometimes I worry about my actions, has this poison made me so weak? At least I took some enjoyment of seeing to his release myself. A simple pleasure. Such things have been fewer and farther between as the months roll on.

I need to pen another letter to Sergei requesting the upgraded custom armor. However, I also wish to speak with this Anastasia more. Her family appears to be that labeled, cowards and hinted traitors, making her place in the Iron Fangs interesting. A woman with something to prove is always interesting and her actions have all worked in my favor. Apparently I need to relearn this socializing ability, a pity she had to endure training with Kigir. Am I simply bored? I know not with my condition anymore but it has to be more entertaining then the social parties as of late.

Bastian's Journal #4

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

I had my work interrupted by a surprise visit from the Winter Guard. They dragged me in under suspicion of spying for Cygnar. Irritated as I was, I suppose I can’t blame them. I know I wouldn’t take kindly to a Khard lurking around in Cygnar. They freed me once Makarov vouched for me. I hate to say anything kind of her, but these last weeks I’ve seen her act with honor, valor, and grim determination. It made her a formidable foe on the battlefield, and she has been a steadfast ally as a Dogcatcher. It makes me wonder, it does. Wonder and doubt. Are we all really so different that we must resort to war? What are we really fighting for? What have I killed for? I see Rowan striving for truth, and the Nyss for, well, something. His own brand of righteousness, perhaps? Still, he chases it with a cold fury like I’ve never seen. And what am I after? A bit of gold and patched up pride?

Despite my rough treatment at the hands of the Winter Guard, I’ve experienced kindness here as well. I met a woman, a fellow tinkerer and warcaster. Could she be a friend?

Someone sabotaged a rifle I created in an effort to discredit my name. Surprisingly, the Winter Guard said they’d look into the matter. Still, I think conducting my own investigation might turn up more fruit. I shall compile a list of local gunsmiths and bring it to Rowan.

We took down a ring of battlefield looters who were smuggling salvaged warjack parts. We did some good, I suppose. I need to get back to the workshop. If I don’t keep working, my wandering mind is going to drive me mad, it is.


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