Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 9

“I know I’ve left off on my notes for the last few days but I have been distracted. Though I still bury myself in my work I haven’t had the focus that those around me have come to expect. The source of my distraction comes from the fact that I have lost a friend. I suppose I should back track a little. The Blackclad girl we apprehended for the death of members of a prominent family in Ord was sentenced to death not long ago. As usual, I made it a point see my cases to the end. It turned out I was not the only one who was present. Dinalogos was also there but his intent was to free her, not see her to justice. I know not his motivations in doing so only that he thought it was necessary to free yet another of our captives. The inferior prison system in this country is bad about that as nearly everyone we apprehend that we aren’t forced to put down seems to get away. Needless to say I was forced to act. I gave chase only to encounter the girl, Dinalogos, and his brother. I tried to reason with them but they seemed hellbent on undermining the rule of law. Then I forcibly tried to stop them with my holdout as my aim was to immobilize not to kill. I knew going against Dinalogos in that fashion was unwise but I had no other options available to me. He proceeded to use his weapon against me in a more harmful fashion. He must of still had some respect for me as I am able to write this entry. He is gone now all for the sake of a murderer.

The group seems torn by the fact that Dinalogos is gone. I’ve noted what seems like resentment from both Bastion and Sivasha though I am not sure why. Bastion has always had a soft heart and lets his emotions guide him so I can understand why he would be upset but the Sivasha I knew was cold and practical; the pinnacle of what I had come to appreciate of the Khadorian people. What they don’t seem to understand is how much this situation bothers me. Of the Dogcatchers I ranked Dinalogos as one of my favorite. We spent many hours working together in our missions and his thoughtfulness, stalwart attitude, and talent was something that respected. I had learned quite a bit from our time together, but not what motivated the man. He had said something about everyone getting a second chance and it’s that phrase that has kept me distracted.

However I must remain resolute. Emotion has no place in investigation. It clouds judgement, makes you miss details, makes you second guess yourself. The other Dogcatchers seem to think that the world is grey; it isn’t. There is right and there is wrong; law and crime. For some criminals I can see giving some leniency as redemption may be possible, but not for murderers. What if I had given the men who killed my parents a second chance? Would I be happier? No. Would they have bettered themselves? Probably not. If they killed again, would their blood be on my hands? Yes. The pain was unbearable and knowing that the world is a better place due to my actions was the only thing that allowed it to fade away. That is why I must continue doing what I do. It is why I will always do what I must to see that justice prevails.

Speaking of justice we had a rather interesting case come across our desk. I had gotten word of a bank robbery and Sivasha had learned of a heist from a technology company. It appeared that they were connected so the Dogcatchers took on the case. The theft involved a new type of pistol, special grenades, and a new type of warcaster armor. We spent a great deal of time trying to find out who could have committed such crimes. The man responsible would have been a very competent and powerful warcaster. However it was no man at all but, the boy Vascily. He seemed very troubled, lost, and confused. I had to try to talk him down from being rash. As I was doing so Bastion was seeing to the fact that one of the warjacks under Vascily’s command was strapped with a bomb. Sivasha had to stay back since the sight of her armor caused the boy distress. Luckily she was there as her quick action was what saved the boy’s life when he tried to step off the edge of the building.

The money and stolen items were returned but the question remained of what to do with the boy. He had committed several crimes and he had to atone for his actions. However it appeared that the Khadorian military had played some hand in this mess and turning him over to their authorities would have likely been a death sentence for the boy if for no other reason than to cover their tracks. The money and items were returned in full and no one was harmed during his spree so death is too harsh of a punishment. The boy was sent off elsewhere, I can not know where, until we have more information. We travel to Thornwood in the hopes of discovering more.

I do have some good news. The owner of the bank was grateful for our service and he offered to have my discourse published. I can now start to generate some awareness for my idea of a body of law that works unimpeded by the monarchies for the good of the Iron Kingdoms. If one was in place the Viscily issue would have been sorted out easily. It might ruffle a few feathers but I am fine with that. Those are the people who I wish to be a thorn in the side to. I may not see it come to fruition in my lifetime but someone has to get the ball rolling. Some has to right the injustices of the world. Why not me."

Sivasha's Memoir's 8

Dear Juan Vargus,

It has been a long day, and having to write that name in association with you to keep cover is almost maddening. Merely addressing it as such makes it difficult to think. While I am aware you have little problem with the situation due to the fairly luxurious lifestyle but it seemed there was not a minute after one mission ended that another began. I suppose I will merely have to hope and wait for a time we once more cross paths.

However, I have unfortunate news. It appears a conflict arose between Dinalogos and Rowan that has left us with one less Dog Catcher. A disagreement appears to have arisen as Dinalogos aided in seeing to it a young mage girl was allowed to escape hanging. Rowan present to see to it that she was sent to the rope. I suppose I question why people gather to witness such things. For some reason the person, this girl was someone that Rowan found impossible to see a second chance. While by law I agree yes perhaps she should have met fate, I question to what extreme this one girl deserved to be chased down. Was it a matter of pride to see the job ended? Or conflict of morals or even religious values. What made this one criminal different that we had to be certain she died.

Now we have lost Din. He filled Rowan with arrows, taking the girl and leaving. I know why to. It is my fault. I met Din years before, before the incident that created this path for me. I released Dinalogos from a prison where he confessed to serving a sentence for crimes someone else committed. I released him and told him make something more of his life. I knew not what he had done, or why he had done it, I placed faith he would be wise enough to change. I could not leave him, I could not kill him, so I let him go… and now it appears we have lost a comrade. Khador is a place in which while we all hold our beliefs, thing are often set aside to see the betterment of the whole, of our country, Khador. I had started to adopt this for the Dog Catchers but it appears that… it is impossible.

Beyond that I was contacted by Gates Industries that there had been a theft. As an investor, I took interest in such a matter. It appeared that a unique weapon was stolen, one capable of 10 rounds fired in a second, seizure grenades capable of hindering Warjacks, and technology that he could not quite describe to me. I have learned it is a very dangerous piece of experimental technology but as always I will get there with the story.

What we discovered is the thief was someone well connected. A child, Vascily, one of Gashunk’s boys was the result of the theft. Armored in Iron Fang armor with this flower like turbine (how bastian described it) on his armor enhancing his powers. Yet he claimed to hear voices telling him what to do. Controlling him. When I went to speak with him… he screamed and accused me of being one of them that had done it. My armor, Khadoran in style, upset him. I could not rationalize with him. Something that was… painful. Perhaps my own jealousies showed as it appeared once more Rowan stood with credit to solving all this. On top of all that had occurred, I remain angry, something I thought I had moved past and now hurt. Can I not be more than a weapon?

But the true notion of all this that has me sick is where the armor came from. Few know how to craft such fine and distinguished armor such as the Iron Fangs. Clearly some experimental branch has been working to transform such children. But I recalled a fact that has me truly… uncertain. Both my brothers serve as Iron Fang members. Kigir is always at the side of the Red General, yet Alexei I have been unable to track. That gem, as you recall, initially found had been a fake. One with initials L.R. that at the time meant nothing, but following our discovery in your manor, connects things. What if this all is further connected. We know Vargus paid off Durgas, the Winterguard as been intolerable in this military increase and lack of protection in the city. The guard were said to have backed off when this armed child came in. They would not fight. Either my countrymen have become true cowards under Durgas or orders were issued. I fear Alexei may be involved in this. A fact I have ignored too long after being unable to track his movements. Was not the sunburst gem something of great power in arcane mechanics? He was attached to that. This seems experimental enough…

Perhaps Uncle was right that the name of Makarov has little weight to it now and days.

However, against my own desire, I found it most beneficial to return the items so I would be put on the senior investors list. I informed gates that is likely his other senior investors or technicians, or even military officials hearing word of these experiments could have designed such a heist. From what I know is that it doesn’t appear to be a messy job. Whomever too it was likely already on the inside, but that is all I have for now.

My Uncle paid a visit. I will be taking out to Thornwood tomorrow to investigate the disappearance of my Uncle’s former men. Opportune time for me to investigate why the Wintergaurd is being sent to act more as a military force then localized authority now. Perhaps L.R is in contact with Durgas as well. It cannot be ruled out entirely I believe.

Do me a favor. Have a drink for me tonight. I cannot bring myself to touch alcohol in this state our of knowledge I will be reckless and probably cause issue. So one of us can enjoy ourselves tonight.

Yours Truly,
Sivasha Makarov

P.S. Juan is a terrible name for you. Kendrick or even Rogue suits you far better.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 8

“I have spent a great deal of time outline how best to get to Vargas. I’ve studied his financial records, gotten reports on who he deals with, who is trusted minions are, and a little insight into his future plans. I know I am ready to take on his menace and my associates have done even more work on the subject. We are ready…”

“We’ve established a solid core group of people who would also like to see Vargas removed from power. I can’t trust that every one of them has out best intentions in mind but we share a common goal. Each one of them has a vested interest in our cause and to that end, I trust them.”

“The plan is tactically sound. We have divided out force into a small infiltration team and a larger distraction/ combat team. The infiltration team’s purpose will be two-fold; Din and “Shivers” will move ahead and dispatch the sentries and neutralize any on-coming threat they can while the Rogue and myself will be sure to open the gateway for the rest of the team and prevent forces from establishing a choke point in that location. This will be aided by the distraction team would will cover our entry and take down the majority of the fighting force. Sneaking two ‘jacks into a fortress silently isn’t going to happen and I don’t trust Combs not to go off the deep end; best to give him a distraction."

“Turns out getting in was not the hard part it was dealing with a new type of ’jack Vargas had been working on. It kept repair itself by absorbing the bodies of other undead creatures into itself. It also emitted a strange gas that had various effects on the members of our group. Luckily it did not take us long to figure out how it functioned and how to put an end to it. Hopefully we will never see the likes of it again.”

“…turns out Vargas was mostly dead himself. He had transformed his own body into some sort of undead abomination. I tested his claim by shooting him in the chest and it appeared he was correct. However all things can be unmade and a few shots into the item that gave him power, a fixture that produced a strange light, unraveled the magic that bound his old bones together. Soon, Vargas was a little pile of dust. I collected some as a souvenir.”

“Turns out the man had one last trick up his sleeve from beyond the grave. He left everything he had acquired to Lamsyn Rimbaldi. Thinking fast I asked the Rogue if he wouldn’t mind playing the part of Vargas for the time being. This way we can delay, if not stop, the transferal of property until we are in a better position to handle the situation. I’m not a fan of lying but in this case I will make the exception. It is in our best interest to prevent Lamsyn from acquiring such a great deal of power. We are going to need more influence to take him on at this point.”

“I’ve finished writing my thesis on the need for an extra-governmental group to investigate serious crimes without being beholden to any one authority. I need to find someone who would be willing to publish the book or at least a brief article explaining the position. Trying to drum up support among the aristocracy will be difficult but it will be necessary if my vision is to be achieved. Somebody has to be able to stand up to the biggest threats to the Iron Kingdoms, why not me.”

Bastian's Journal #8

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

I don’t know how long I can focus my attentions to this page. Suffice it to say, things have gotten strange, they have. Zachik’s father has been missing for weeks. My poor love has buried herself in her work. I’ve no words to bring for comfort, so I’ve given her a project to work on, at least. I need to do what I can to find out where he’s gone, but where do I even start? I haven’t had even a moment to bring it to Rowan’s attention, as he’s fixed his entire being on bringing down Vargus. Morrow help me, old man Azarov better be alive!

In the midst of this, Giz comes to me, he does, claiming that some shadowy figure has been skulking about his parents’ junkyard. I accompanied him to investigate, and we followed the trail to a barnhouse not far away. Hidden in the basement, I found none other than my own sister Teagan! She’d abandoned the University and come looking for me with the news that Pendrake has been leaning on our family and accusing them of being involved with my leaving Cygnar. I want nothing more than to return home and sort this mess out, but Teagan convinced me that I’m doing greater good here. Still, there must be something I can do. I can’t leave my family under the pressure of Pendrake forever.

To top it all off, I’ve been informed by my companions that we’ll be working with one Fenric Combs. First the man steals my technology and uses it to humiliate me, then he runs like a coward from our duel, and now this? It’s asking quite a lot of me to allow him within my sight, let alone ally myself with him, but the others assure me that he can aid us in taking down Vargus. I suppose I should extend some empathy toward the man. I’m told his family was killed, and he believed me responsible for it. If he’s had a change of heart, then perhaps I can as well. But if he steps out of line, I won’t hesitate to put him in his place!

Sivasha's Memoir 7

Katesh 608 AR,

I have not written in sometime, and to be honest I had no will to do so even now, until something dawned on me that inspired me to ensure that at least one last entry is written. It is very possible the next mission shall be my last as I pursue to finally free my soul from this poison of revenge, and strike Radimir dead, and either at last accept death or rise alive for the first time in years.

Gashunk missed the last mission. The time before, which I found myself incapable of recording, involved discovering a link of Vargus being connected to a Izig’s labs where the trollkin were being experimented on using the damned technology of Orgoth once more. While I respect the Gashunk had every right to be mad, he took to having directing his anger in the wrong place, attempting take it out on our client as opposed to saving it for the individual who deserved it. However his departure and absence was obvious, though it created an interesting team dynamic.

Between the jobs, it appeared that some… Fenric Combs, challenged Bastian to a duel. Apparently this man had warjack arms grafted by Bastian on himself. His actions and brandings appear to be one of the true reasons that we are in trouble. As a duelist it was not my place to step into a one-on-one fight, I do hold the rules of dueling in high regard. Not to mention he rather deserved part of that.

During out trip to Ord, where our next mission carried us, my contact Crayton, informed me a great deal about Vargus. One, the location of his compound in Ord. Two, that he practically owns all exporting businesses now outside of Ryn. Llael being in a civil war makes a sense. Three, his wealth seems as endless as the corruption he breeds in other government bodies. Four, is he has two hands. One is the Ironfist, which appears to be Fenric Combs, the second is an assassin known as X. At first I thought little on the assassin until a delivery revealed markings similar to my own. X is Radimir, an Agent of Cryx, and now… the reason I am writing this.

Our job, involved a man claiming his line cursed, to which Rowan found himself very intrigued. It appeared the man owned the Kerwin production so Rowan was further motivated by the job. Long story short is that the family had a servant who was within a group known as the Circle. I know little about this Circle, but the servant, Romans became the obvious suspect. Like any coward that man used a child to do his bidding. It was pathetic yet the girl used magic against my allies, showing her competency in battle, and thus capable of making her own decisions. That child Bastian favored for some reason… but I heard little of it, my anger was taken with the man Romans.

He spoke to me as if he held every card. As if he was the only connection left to Vargus. I grew weary of the games. I grow tired of these insolent whelps who dare speak to me in such as fashion. When one believes that they hold power over nobility it gives them an ego. I have no tolerance for such. Not when these games of Vargus drive me to the edge. I shot the man twice, right in the foot so he would quit. Yet he continued and dared me to shoot him. I held the gun at his head… and I considered it. However I will not stain Kendrick’s gun with any blood outside Radimir’s. He was not a killer and I will not use it in any means that dishonor that value outside self-defense and justice. Killing him, an unarmed, pathetic man would be an insult… I wish not to do that to a gift.

I left the ground. Bastian attempted comfort but I could not accept it. Something told me being in Ord no longer ensured success. I knew failure was imminent the moment he mentioned Vargus. There was a contingency plan to handle it and I could not express my frustration in an appropriate manner. Part of my cursed soul is this anger that will never be absolved until Radimir is dead, knowing he is tied in has only made it worse. I am so close to release from this, if I make it out alive. Yet will I regain what I have lost. I am a criminal in my own country, I almost enjoy being withdrawn yet I am powerless to do what I can to better things. My Uncle’s removal another blight upon my house. How long was it I battled to earn my family’s respect yet I have no spoke to them for months. Kigir must be pleased with my fall while… I have yet to discover Alexei’s plans.

I do not wish to say my life is forfeit going into this but I am realistic about what I am pursuing. Death is a possibility and to see Radimir ended, to stop him, is the only goal I have known for years. Should I live victoriously… I am uncertain for the first time what I shall do with myself. Revenge has haunted me for years… and it is so near.

Rowan, received a box a package, full of smoked Kerwins and a head. The head of the very man we had protected. As I expected our job was a failure the moment Romans mentioned Vargus being connected to it. The X was carved upon the man’s face in the same pattern that is stretched across my back. He missed the first impalement mark to be an exact replication. My anger knew no bounds that day. I left the city as quick as I could to avoid from going off the handle. This rage is almost inhuman of me. When I returned sometime later, the paper was sent out that Kerwins were made illegal. Rowan was at my door making a declaration of war. I remember the flames all too well the last time Rowan and I were on the same side of a war, it appears a compound in Ord will be the next to burn.

In case, I do not make it back, I am writing a letter to Kendrick. I dislike explaining my emotions especially in writing when it is our way to keep a cold disposition to all. The pinnacle of a Khadoran woman is to be as cold and ruthless as a man, yet maintain beauty and grace of their sex. At this point… as my life may end, I care little for this image. I have a great deal unsaid perhaps due to pride and as I have had time to think a number of things over, perhaps regret for things I have not said. The mission has to come first. Until I am free of the poison, my heart cannot beat freely, I believe he understands this better than anyone. However should I die… I have a letter of things unsaid I shall inquire Bastian to give to him. Part of me had hope to do so before, or simply to leave it upon the bed where he left his gun, yet there is no time he has indicated a return.

I also have a request to give to Dinalogos. Should I not live through the fight with X, I want him to be waiting to strike. If I am doomed to die, he must ensure that the blight cannot be spread by that man upon any other soul. No one can known the feeling of its poison running through your veins. The feeling of your body decaying from the inside out. If I must that is what I shall ask of him in repayment for the freedom I gave him years ago.

…Everyone else, well if I cannot walk away with the story myself, I hope at least one of them can bring back the story of my death. No matter, there are always casualties of war, and the hope is it will not be from our side.

Should I live, and this investment of Bastian’s be worthwhile, I may be looking to buying some of those businesses that will be left without in Vargus’s fall. At least Khadoran exports. But I must not get ahead of myself.

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 7

“…a man came to see us, claiming he was cursed. I’m not one to believe in curses, even though the magic to do them exist, such a prolonged spell can’t be self-maintained as far as I’ve witnessed. I was willing to listen but I will not take their information without a grain of salt…”

“Guillermo Matthieu, the current owner of the largest supplier of tobacco for Kerwin cigarettes in Ord, was the man with the job. While I still doubt a curse very much I’m more than willing to overlook that fact to be able to negotiate a steady supply of my illusive brand. I even went so far as to offer up a portion of the money I would have made just for the chance. If keeping him alive can serve both my sense of justice and provide me with the joyous cigarettes then I am all too happy to take the job.”

“…seems like The Circle is involved here.I had only heard rumors of their existence but I know them to be followers of the Devourer Wurm. Why in Immoren would anyone align themselves with the forces of chaos and seek to undermine the progress in technology we’ve made is beyond me…”

“After further research I believe the Circle to be beyond help; a group of criminals of the highest order. Seems to be a small sect of them in this town, causing trouble for the largest employer in the town and just handling their disagreements outside of the bounds of the law. I will find them and bring them to justice. This way I can learn more about their ways and be better informed to deal with them in the future. I will not be satisfied til I’ve placed them behind bars or in the dirt, either way is fine with me. I would prefer to see them brought to justice but if they would like to be one with nature and worms who am I to argue…”

“…the beast was being controlled by a young member of the Circle, not exactly the man we thought it was but they were both in league with one another. A single shot from my knock-out gun was all it took to bring her to justice; a truly magnificent weapon. I must remember to thank the Golden Crucible for their invention. Once the beast was killed, the others ran to make sure our patron was still alive and our other suspect had not fled or worse. I brought the criminal back to the estate, pleased that I had done the town, country, and continent a great service.”

“…seems some of us would rather face death than imprisonment. Sivasha did not seem pleased to deal with the man and I assume would have preferred to carry out the punishment herself. She showed restraint however, as much as she ever does, and walked away from his taunting; I must say I’m a little proud of her for that…”

“I couldn’t believe my ears. Bastian, a soldier and a man who’s knowledge of mechanika I have respect for, has said he wished to let the criminal go. Since when did he become so weak and stupid? She is young, yes, but she is also a murderous criminal and a backwards savage; she spat on my image of Cyriss. Letting one’s emotions cloud their judgement can be dangerous and in our line of work it can be fatal. I will have to keep an eye on him. His mistakes may cost him his life one day and I do not want an additional casualty when it does…”

“I received a crate today of what was suppose to be my gift for saving a man’s life. However, it turned out to be nothing more than a cruel message; a box of Kerwin butts and the marked head of Lord Matthieu. It seems Juan’s assassin had gotten to him, robbing me of my prize and my sense of justice. I’m not one to become emotional but it seems that my cursing was loud enough that Sivasha felt it necessary to see what the ruckus was. At the sight of the marking on the head she lost her temper as well. I don’t know exactly what Vargus was thinking but it was a mistake to give her and me a shared sense of purpose. Historically, tragic things befall those who do. I will be sure to find him and repay him for this slight if she doesn’t get him first…”

“Juan Vargas has made Kerwin’s illegal. This means war!” {large ink splatter from a spilled ink well}

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 6

“…I continued to work on the mysterious numbers within the false gemstone but wasn’t able to come up with too much myself. Luckily I happen to be friends with several of the best minds in the community, Matilda Alkott among them. After consulting her she was able to provide the answers I sought. In returned I filled her in on the man she was looking for, Lamsyn Rimbaldi. Hopefully she heeds my warning about him…”

“…we ended up at this little cottage to try to find Izig. However, things are almost more than they appear and with a little snooping I located the real reason we were there, a massive underground research and development facility…”

“We found Izig deep in the facility, barely alive save for his mechanika. We also located most of the missing trollkin tribes even if they were deceased. Turns out they were trying to figure out the reason behind the trollkin’s regenerating abilities with the power of Orgoth technology and were trying to duplicate them in others. I admit I found myself rather curious about the whole ordeal myself and made it a point to gather as many notes as I could to further look into it myself. I feared to say much as Gashunk looked ready to murder anyone involved with such things…”

“I feel I must write a little of my thoughts of the nature of such knowledge. My colleagues seemed to be furious about the discovery of the technology and the methodology used during the experiments, but I found that I couldn’t share their level of anger. At the end of the day, all knowledge is good knowledge. I’ve been going over the captured notes and this is some fascinating work. This could signal an advancement in medical technology far superior to anything we’ve ever known. The applications are endless and could only serve to benefit the world. I understand that most people would take offense to sacrificing life to further knowledge but, for the most part, all great strives in knowledge have a cost of life. For example, how else did we learn that some things are poisonous. In this case it was the life of trollkin tribes, primitive sorts that follow the Devourer Wurm. Regarding that, how great was the value of the life lost compared to the value of the knowledge gained? Negligible if I must be honest even though I wouldn’t let my fellows know I felt that way. Most turn to me when they need the assurance of a moral compass and this belief may compromise my position of influence. I plan to hand over these notes, as this is not my area of expertise, to someone who I know to be knowledgeable in this field of research and I feel would use it productively. The worst thing that could happen is for the knowledge to go to waste because someone couldn’t separate their emotions from their logic. In the pursuit of knowledge there is no room for emotions.”

Bastian's Journal #7

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

Good Morrow! We lead exciting lives, don’t we? Even though we’re lying low to avoid the Winter Guard, adventure still seems to find us. A kindly lady gobber got wind of where we were and commissioned us to find her husband, Izig. He’s some great brain fellow, he is. Problem is, his regular letters to his beloved had stopped, and she got worried about him. So she sends us to his secret facility, hidden under a house in the middle of nowhere. What we found was a bit disturbing – dead trollkin and deader scientists. As we explored and eventually found Izig himself (alive, though Morrow only knows how he made it, even with his fancy mechanika), the mystery unraveled a bit for us. Our old friend Vargus made the scientists perform these vile experiments on the trollkin in order to unlock the secret of their powerful healing. Needless to say, Gashunk was less than pleased, and it took some fast talking to keep him from tearing Izig in half, it did. On top of it all, they were using Orgoth tech to enhance the trollkins’ healing, and the successful test subject was none other than Gashunk’s old chieftan. We put him down, I’m sorry to say. I haven’t seen much of Gashunk lately. I suppose he’s drowning himself in a bottle, though I hope he’s not just running away from this. It’ll blow up bad, it will, if he tries to put it away. I’ve run enough from my own demons to know. I suppose I still am in a way.

Speaking of my demons, I sent Adept Pendrake back home. I told him I’d nothing to tell him, and even if I did have something that’d help Cygnar, I don’t know that I’d give it up. He thinks I’ve turned traitor, perhaps for Azarov. But nothing could be further from the truth! I love Cygnar. I just wish we could all see that we’re so much more the same than different. Zachik has helped me see that, she has. Just by existing, she’s a miracle. A Menite and a Khadoran? And then that she could love a Cygnaran… Well, suffice to say, she’s some woman, and she gives me hope for the future. For our countries’ futures, and for mine and hers.

Korsk Tribune 7
The Month of Katesh

The Blight Subdued!

Last week, the city of Uldenfrost and several other cities along the north were evacuated to prevent the Blight from striking the more vulnerable cities. The Red General replied to the action by sending a large contingent of forces to meet the majority of their armies. Before the two armies met in combat, it is reported that the Blighted army went into a frenzy, tearing one another apart or fleeing. The armies of Khador won a swift and decisive victory, though no one is certain why the Blighted armies acted to strangely.

Minimal casualties were accounted for, but the cities have not yet been populated. The amount of troops to the north has been doubled since the act, keeping a vigilant eye on the actions beyond the mountains.

The Rogue is Dead, Dogcatchers Wanted

To the north, shortly before the Blighted armies began their rampage, the Dogcatchers had somehow managed to subdue and capture the The Rogue in Hellspass. When put on the train, the actions that occurred could not be spoken for, other than the remains of two trains. One was identified as a passenger train with minor amounts of cargo. And the second was merely shrapnel by the time authorities arrived to survey the scene. The train was later identified as another passenger train, though no passengers were found.

Officials claim the two were caught in a type of scrap, but the body of The Rogue was not found, only his hat and a set of his playing cards. The few remaining survivors claim the Rogue was caught in the rear car during the explosion…though their testimonies weren’t in the right mind. As the only armed individuals on the train, the Dogcatchers are being hunted down under suspicion of derailing and destroying both trains. The new head of the Winter Guard, Franz Durga commented: “When my officials arrived on the scene, they found corpses strewn all over the place. While they are effective at capturing criminals, their bloodlust seemingly knows no bounds. We will hunt and bring this rabble to justice.”

So far The Dogcatchers have not been found, and no one has seen them since their departure from Hellspass.

Makarov Steps Down, Durga Steps In

With the recent breakouts, Boris Makarov was forced to step down as Head of the Winter Guard by popular demand of the War Council, and Lady Ayn II herself. As a replacement, the War Council unanimously elected General Franz Durga as the new Winter Guard Commander. Makarov was reluctant to retire, but because of insistence by his superiors, his decision was made for him. “I have done my best to keep the criminals in check, but it appears I have failed,” says Makarov, “My only hope is that my successor is able to keep things under control.”

Durga is known for his strategies against both Cygnar and Menoth, and it is claimed that his victories are nearly limitless. The Durga family follows his footsteps as scholars and strategists, and even have themselves placed in the Khadoran Government.

Rommel Azarov Missing?

About two weeks ago, Rommel Azarov, responsible for several innovations for Khador’s great military, went silent. All communication with his vessel at sea went dead, and no one is able to find him or the ship anywhere. Repeated searches were made, and only a few turned up sighting the ship, but before they could reach it, the fog had rolled in making it impossible to see.

His daughter, Zachik Azarov has expressed her concern for her lost father, and has ordered several of her own men to search for him. The workers, devoted to the Azarov family, have been at work tirelessly to try to trace Rommel’s location.

Mage Hunters in Khador

A small group of Mage Hunters were seen traveling from the borders near Rynyr and into Khador. Under the pretense of the higher ranking officials of Ios, their purpose is unknown. The welcome received by the officers in Rynyr was mixed, as their presence could only mean trouble. Though the views of mages is often skewed, they manage to take down some of the more troublesome enemies where our own soldiers may have trouble.

They have been left alone for now on their travels, though patrols are keeping a keen eye on them and their actions. Whoever they are after may have trouble.

Trollkin Going Missing

Recently, patrols have found that previously inhabited Trollkin camps have turned up empty. There are signs of struggle, though the direction in which they have moved or been moved is unknown. Of the few camps vacant, there have been one or two dead Trollkin, though it is suspicious that they are considered old by Trollkin standard.

While this is not a matter of pressing concern to the Khadoran Military or Government, a few scouting parties are keeping a close eye on surrounding Trollkin camps in order to determine their attackers.

Bastian's Journal #6

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

I’ve come back from the brink yet again, I have. Old Boris Makarov sent us on one last crusade for him to bring in an infamous thief called the Rogue. We tracked the man down in the north with no trouble, but our train ride back to Korsk was interrupted when another train came up from behind and ran us off the tracks. Once we came to, we found ourselves fighting strange raven-beasts. They might’ve been a challenge for lesser men, but not for the Dogcatchers! Once we slayed the foul beasts, we found that our train was transporting nothing other than blasted Cryxian technology! It seems to us that Mr. Vargus is up to no good. We all might just have to have us a chat, we might.

Though he was our prisoner, the Rogue found a manual rail cart and offered us transport to the nearest town. During the ride, we discussed this man’s fate. As it turns out, he isn’t the Rogue – he’s just the current man using the name. We agreed that honor comes before payment and advised him to let the name die. At any rate, we made it to a town only to find it deserted, and while we were sleeping through the night, some old “friends” of Din’s arrived. Some legions of the Everblight, they were. Fearsome, twisted bunch! They brought an army but agreed to pit their champions against us. Little did they know what we’d found in town – the Lady Ayn, a heavy warjack. If the Lady herself was half as beautiful as her ‘jack, I’d be in love. We faced off and taught those monsters why one doesn’t take on the Dogcatchers.

We returned to Korsk and told old Boris that the Rogue was dead, which is more or less true. He paid us a bit anyway, Morrow bless him. And though I had to give the Lady Ayn back to the Khadorans, my lovely Zachik had a surprise waiting for me – a custom light warjack she’d been working on for some time. She’s some woman, she is. I must admit that I found my thoughts turning to her whenever someone wasn’t trying to kill me. I don’t know if I can ever repay her in kind, but I’ll do my best. I’m seeing her often, since we must steer clear of our normal residence while one of Makarov’s political rivals has it under investigation. Despite Makarov’s proximity interfering with my business, I’ll soon have her own custom armor finished. By Morrow, if it isn’t the finest craftsmanship she’s ever worn, then I’m an ogrun. I’ve also made some purchases for myself – the vagrants we chase down won’t stand a chance.


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