Zachik Azarov


Zachik Azarov is a 19 year old Wunderkind with a knack for invention. Born to Rommel Azarov, a famous inventor, and Bailey Atwood, the daughter of a Menite Priest, her parents fled from Menoth shortly before Zachik’s birth. If the Protectorate the girl wasn’t of a pure Menite line, they would be persecuted.

As a girl she always had a penchant for invention, and it led to her learning from her father and eventually proving her worth by building a Light Warjack by age 10. By 18, she became a Royal Engineer and has been there for a little over a year. She is excitable and loves to talk about mechanikal engineering with anyone willing to listen. Because of her position, she doesn’t get much time outside of her workshop, so it became necessary to give a project that came across her desk to the Dogcatchers, instead of attempting to find time to take care of it.

By the end of the job, she was thoroughly impressed with the work done by them that she allowed Bastion a bit of scrap for his creations at a reduced price. Because they are fellow Warcasters, they should be at odds, but in reality, she knows she herself isn’t purely Khadoran, so she is willing to put aside political differences and see eye-to-eye on the subject of invention and creation.

Zachik Azarov

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