Vasily is a boy who tends to be the David against an army of Goliaths. His attitude and tenacity make him a natural born hero, but his size and skill makes him unable to stand up to his enemies as best as he could. The situation at home isn’t much better. His father is a gambler, a drunk, and a brawler who has often times used Vasily as a punching bag when there was no one else around. His mother is still alive, though she has resigned herself to her situation, and does nothing to stop her husband from turning his aggression on her son.

Vasily has gotten into trouble recently, attempting to set the wrongs against his family fighting or negotiating with those that have placed his father in his position as a fiend. His father fell upon tough times. His previous life as a boxer was ended suddenly by having to ‘take a dive’ and ended up being screwed out of his end of the deal at the finish.

The Lichko Gang controls the fighting ring in Korsk, and handles every last deal that goes back and forth in the city…if it involves fights. Vasily has attempted to join the fights on several occasions and has been turned away for many reasons, including his size and his lack of money. So he has resorted to stealing, until he got caught and was rescued by a Trollkin named Gashunk Sharktooth. He instantly saw a way to get back at those that wronged his family, and asked his help in training his martial prowess, in exchange for money for drinking.

He’s tested his new fighting skills on other kids at his school, and gotten in trouble on several occasions, but interested quite a few others in his situation. This has brought other children to Gashunk who seek out his help…they only hope he’s willing to teach the lot of them.


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