Thale Kreis

Seeker of Ios, and


Thale comes from a long line of Seekers of Scyrah. He and his brother joined the Seekers when they were young, and they received a series of small jobs that led them through the northern part of Khador. His brother, Tyriss, entertained thoughts of a more aggressive nature toward mages in the Iron Kingdoms, but Thale often scolded him and told him to stay on the path of a negotiator, rather than a killer.

Two years ago, his brother disappeared without a trace and their camp was shortly scorched to the ground, taking with it several of the other Seekers, save for Thale and two others. The sudden immolation took them by surprise, and they fought off a small amount of Nyss, Iosan, and humans before they were finally attacked by a powerful fire sorceror who simply called himself the Prophet of Ashes. The two Seekers with Thale were burned to a crisp, while Thale himself was spared at the behest of his brother, who stood by the Prophet with ashes smeared over his forehead.

Thale sought all her could find on the Prophet in his homeland, but found only his name and immediate family. Because he knew he could not take on the entire group of arsonists and fanatics, Thale sought out Faindyr, who went by Dinalogos, under the pretense of bringing him to justice. Instead of attempting to slay him, which he knew he could not, he negotiated a treaty and asked his help in bringing their brothers to justice. He now helps Dinalogos in his quest, while learning more about the ways of justice.

Thale Kreis

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