Tavik Stonehammer

Retired soldier, current fixer of the Dogcatchers


Tavik’s actual age is a mystery to many, and people have lost their fingers in the process of asking. As a dwarf, he spent most of life in Rhul to a poor family, and ended up enlisting in the Stoneguard against the many threats of the nation. He showed himself to be an able warrior, and eventually a strong officer on the front lines, keeping his cool even underneath the constant threat of capture and death. He retired after thirty years of service and married for a short time before becoming divorced again. She took almost everything from him in the process.

Forced out of Rhul because of financial troubles, he did used his skills in combat to his advantage, volunteering to hunt down criminals and bring them to justice, getting hired as a mercenary for the Khadoran military, as well as the Cygnaran army once or twice. Another twenty years passed, his beard was beginning to grey at this point, and he figured it was time to hang up his hammer and find another means to keep money coming in.

He met another dwarf, Solin Breaker, in Korsk that was on shore leave, letting him in on a small fortune in turn for his cosigning on a business venture. The business began as an enlistment corps for the Khadoran militia, but eventually its loyalties shifted toward serving the entirety of the Iron Kingdoms, instead of just the sole nation. Their enlistment then drew in the roughest, most daring, and poorest souls that wandered the lands in search of money and fame.

After five years of business, Solin was assassinated by a Cryxian pirate that happened to slip into their ranks. While their business was all-inclusive, the lands of Cryx didn’t seem to take too kindly to a few of the missions that took them to their borders. The business venture was dissolved, but it left Tavik with a generous sum of money. He hired a Trollkin bodyguard by the name of Gashunk Sharktooth to keep him safe while he carried the massive sum of money with him. When he had put the money to use, he kept the Trollkin in his employ, but hired him instead as a bounty hunter and also advertised to gather a choice few people for another business venture in mind.

This time, Tavik would glance indepth at his employees, judging their means for wishing to join his new business.

He has dubbed the business: Dogcatchers.

Tavik Stonehammer

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