Sivasha Makarov

Proud Daughter of Khador


Sivasha Makarov

Race: Human || Nationality: Khadoran
Height: 5’10 || Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Black || Eyes: Amber tinted Red

Archetype: Skilled (Ambidextrous, Preternatural Awareness, Untouchable)
Careers: Aristocrat / Duelist / Cutthroat


PHY: 5 AGI: 6 INT: 4
SPD: 7/8 PWR: 5 ARC:
STR: 5 POI: 6 PER: 5


DEF: 17 ARM: 12 WIL: 8
MAT: 7 RAT: 7

Initiative: 17 (Boosted)


Miliary: Hand Weapon 2, Pistol 3
Occupational: Command 3, Deception 2, Detection 3, Etiquette 3, Gambling 1, Interrogation 1, Intimidation 3, Jumping 2, Law 1, Navigation 1, Negotiation 1, Sneak 1, Streetwise 1


Anatomical Precision
Connections (Nobility)
Connections (Criminal)
Good Breeding
Language (Llaelese)
Quick Work
Preternatural Awareness*
Special (50 GC income)
Two Weapon Fighting

LANGUAGES: Khadoran, Cygnaran, Llaelese

STARTING GC: 275 (200 + 75)
+140 GC – First Mission Reward
-100 GC – Business Expenditure
+200 GC – Successful Pack Rat catch and return of Blade
+50 GC – Monthly Allowance
+50 GC – Monthly Allowance
+400 GC – Five Fingers Mission
-100 GC – Bribery
+1000 GC – Rynir Jail
+50 GC – Monthly Allowance
-715 GC – to Bastion for Armor
+1600 GC – iZig Job
-800 GC – Arcanodynamic Housing, Grevious Wound and Accuracy Runes
-180 GC – Train Ticket to Ord and information payout
+2333 GC – Reward for recent Job
+50 GC – Monthly Allowance
-1700 GC – Donated to Bastian.
-700 GC – Gates Engineering
+10000 GC – Juan Vargus Job
-125 GC – Ammo Wheels, Ammo, Gown, Winter Cloak, Gown, Map Case, Local Terrain (Khador) Map, Hemp Rope
-1000 GC – Donation
-1040 GC – Tailored Plate

Custom Battle Armor ( SPD: 0, DEF: -1, ARM: +6 ) – 60 GC
Rapier w/ Arcanodynamic Accelerator, Grevious Wounds and Accuracy Runes
(ATK: 8* , PWR: 6, Special: 1 feat point to boost Attack and Damage) – 15 GC

Pistol, Repeating (ATK: 6 , POW: 10) – 35 GC
Additional Ammo Wheel – 15 GC
5 Round materials x5 – 10 GC
Revolver, 4 Shot (ATK: 6, POW: 10, Special: 3 Dice roll, remove lowest die) – Gift from Rogue
Collapsing Spyglass ( +2 PER rolls for distances) – 15 GC
Tailored Plate w/ Clockwork Capacitor and Fleet Rune (SPD: +1, DEF: 0, ARM +7) – 715 GC

Post Conflict Rehabilitation of Khador
Gates Engineering

75 XP



While a smaller noble house, the Makarov line is said to have been around since the days of the Khardic Empire. During the rule of Orgoth however the name vanished from most records. It reappeared shortly after Korsk’s liberation and joining of the Iron Aliance. Primarily the family is noted for producing fine generals and military officers, along with several notable members of the Iron Fangs.

Current Living Relatives

Sergei MakarovFather/ 56 – Sergei Makarov has been tied in with Khador Military since he enlisted at the age of seventeen. Like his brother Boris he served time as an Iron Fang, though sits in rank as an Military Officer and head of his house. He is intelligent and a skilled leader of men. In general he is demeanor is stoic with a piercing gaze.

Illyana MakarovMother/ 49 – Before she married into the Makarov family, she was a member of the Radazar house. a family among the wealthy merchant class that thrives in Khador. Like many young heiresses she had options to marry another merchant or a military officer, due to the reputation and Khador pride, she chose the military officer. Mind you this is a marriage based on business, perhaps some affection, but one never really sees it outside the fact she has bore Sergei 3 children.

Kigir MakarovOlder Brother/ 30 – A Military Officer and Iron Fang, he has been out of the field since being recruited. He is exceptionally proud and often times arrogant when it comes to his skill. He is true bred Khadoran. Kigir and his younger sister have a mutual respect for one another but are not exceptionally close due to their personality clashes. Primarily both dominant figures who tend to enjoy taking charge which tends to cause problems. He is now head of the Winter Guard

Alexei MakarovYounger Brother/ 23 – Unlike his two siblings, Alexei has a gift that makes him the unique one in the family. A warcaster and military officer, if Kigir wasn’t almost the golden child, he would have been. However due to his older brother’s shadow Alexei is constantly competing on uneven ground. He servers under his brother as a rookie member of the Iron Fangs. Alexei Makarov was killed by Gashunk.

Kommandant Boris MakarovUncle – Head of the Winter Guard in Korsk, and said to be the very image of Khador’s fighting spirit. Image alone he is large and intimidating, and carries a great disdain for the politicking that occurs. He pays respects to both Morrow and Menoth. When he is not leading the guard is he spending time with his wife, hoping after 7 daughters to finally have a son to hold of up for the gods to see, and allow him to eventually retire from his position and return to the front lines as an Iron Fang in Ravenguard. (Iron Kingdoms World Guide) He has since retired from his position.


Sivasha stands at 5’ 10” with a lean build resulting from a noble lifestyle and a fighting style based upon speed as opposed to strength. While she is no Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff, she is an attractive woman, with traits that many Khadorans praise. Her hair is stark black and eyes light amber, her skin being a near snow white due to her recent illness, many whisper it is likely a mark of her brush with death. On her shoulders at the top of two long scars that form an X on her back, with a pinpoint spot at their crossing where she was stabbed.

Due to her aristocratic upbringing, Sivasha tends to take care of her appearance and prefers regal dressings. Even her newly custom battle armor carries a regal appearance that sets her apart from normal military members. She still carries her old rank on her uniform, not only as a sign of her former status but a symbol of pride of her service to Khador, a chapter of glory that has been closed in her life. Her colors are primarily red and black, with touches of silver.


Sivasha Makarov was born Malleus 3rd, Glaceus, 581 AR, in Khador capital of Korsk. The middle child, and only female Makarov from Sergei’s side of the family.

Since childhood she has always been second to her brother Kigir due to her father’s favoritism towards his first born son. While Kigir was raised to be the soldier, Sivasha was pushed by her mother to take a more social role in society. When her younger brother was born, he proved to be of exceptional intelligence, adding another shadow in which Sivasha had cast over her. Despite her talent for socializing and playing the games of the Kayazy class, Sivasha grew jealous of the attentions her brothers received.

When Sivasha came of age she informed her parents she desired to attend Druzhina to train as a Military officer. Without question her father allowed it and her mother commended her loyalty to Khador, but neither seemed exceptionally impressed with her efforts. While enrolled her brother Kigir started on his path to become an Iron Fang, continuing to put her in the background.

In Druzhina, Sivasha may have not been top marked in strategy, but she stood apart as one of her class’s top one on one combatants. It also helped that her place in society made her fairly well liked and paved a fairly easy road to a military career.

Her first assignments would put her right into the beginning of the conflict in Lael. Due to her social talents was sent to meet with the spy Rowan Voyle, and retrieve what information he had gathered for the Khador army. The exchange went well for the Khador army, this information along with that from a few other spies, aided in conquering of Llael. During this time she would also encounter a Nyss elf, Dinalagos, imprisoned. When she inquired and discovered his reasoning for staying locked away, she insulted the man’s decision stating it was a waste of life to sit rotting. While she cared little for what occurred she insisted the man ought to be hunting his brother and righting what was done if he truly wished for things to be “set right.”

Sivasha and Kigir would both have the pride in claiming their presence in Llael’s occupation, though to this day the two are at a stand-off who had a more important role in the battle. Kigir as an Iron Fang was a strong fighter in the ranks who often mocks his sister’s social tactics and stand back part as an officer. While Sivasha assures the spies and her gathering information was imperative to the war efforts while Kigir relied on their efforts before making a charge.

From one successful campaign to another, Sivasha would serve on multiple battlefields. Always competing against her siblings to claim glory of the Makarov name. Unfortunately as Alexei apprenticeship as a Warcaster came to fruition and he saw battle, he became the exalted child, infuriating both Kigir and Sivasha.

Sivasha invested every ounce of energy to the war efforts of the newly proclaimed Empire. Yet it would be this very drive that sent her to volunteer for a very specific battle against Cygnar forces. Now this wasn’t her first, in fact Sivasha Makarov had become a well known officer to many, one of them being a Magus Ironhand. The two would again meet on the battlefield, only Cygnar and Khador would both receive an unpleasant surprise as Cryx launched an assault on both armies simultaneously.

As the Cygnaran troops took the first blows, Khador would prepare for the second wave using Cygnar as a shield briefly. Unfortunately as the Cygnaran units fell from a direct assault, the Khadoran army would suffer from chaos on the inside. Sivasha’s unit, as many other units had, found many of their soldiers were not what they seemed. As the men began trying to pull back realizing they were outnumbers, various officers would be attacked by Cryx assassins. Sivasha was no different. While giving orders to her troops to withdraw, one of her units scouts, previously known as Radimir Sreta, revealed themselves an Agent of Cryx.

Before Sivasha realized what had happened, two blades were plunged into her shoulders and dragged down her back in an X fashion. X marked the spot and at the center he drove his blade into her. As he removed it took one swing before falling, managing to leave a cut across his face. However shortly after she fell, she blacked out, and assumed in her thoughts that death had found her. Yet her deep sleep was plagued with nightmares of service as an undead soldier against her Motherland.

She would awaken within her home in Korsk. A priest of Morrow having spent a great deal of energy tending to her wound. When she confessed she feared she was dead and serving the the Cryx army, they assured her it was likely effects of a poison on the blade. When asked how she pulled from the field, she learned it was her youngest brother Alexei, whom she had little idea had even been present at the battle. Sivasha owed her the younger brother that she had resented most of her life.

Of course, in light of their defeat, her brother Kigir reclaimed his role as golden child. Sivasha would be in recovery for several months, not just trying to fight off the effects the poison had on her but also mentally recovering from the battle in general. She couldn’t let go of the terrible, bitter taste defeat and betrayal left behind. Sivasha considered herself shamed, and as much as she held her loyalty to her country, the mental scars stopped her from returning to the battlefield.

Instead she began searching for means to still serve yet be provided enough freedom to pursue her goal. The shame she suffered for that defeat needed to be buried. Sivasha Makarov would be remembered for its greatness, but the stain upon it had to be removed first. This meant she had to find the Radimir, the Cryx assassin that failed, and take his life. He left his mark upon her back and she had left one upon him. However such a pursuit would be problematic without a cover.

…That’s when Bounty Hunting came into view and the answer to her problem became very clear.

Sivasha Makarov

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