Rowan Voyle

A intellectually gifted detective with a pension for secrets


Name: Rowan Voyle Age: 27
Race: Human (Thurian) Height: 5’6”
Archetype: Intellectual (Genius/ Hyper Perception) Weight: 130 lbs
Careers: Investigator/Spy/ Explorer Eye/Hair Color: Green/Black

Int:6 (boosted)
Perc:5 (boosted)

Mil Skill-
Pistol 2
Hand Weapon
Unarmed Combat
Rifles 2

Occ Skill-
Detection 3
Forensic Science 3
Sneak 2
Lock Picking
Research 2
General Skills: Lore (famous figures)

Astute- Reroll failed detection rolls
Battle Plan: Shadow- group gets Prowl for 1 round
Cover Identity- Thief (Streetwise) Cover story: Mikhail Dragovich, a Khadorian smuggler
Signal Language- can create coded language
Truth Reader- automatically detect when someone is lying

Pyotr Tikhon- member of the Greylords Prikaz Chancellery, field agent
Arkin Falk- Professional Homeless man

Allies: Flynn Kilbride

Languages: Ordic(native), Khadorian, Cygnarian, Llaelese


Born Donard 3rd, Solesh 582 in Midfast, Murio, Ord. Rowan Voyle is the only son of William and Mindy Voyle. As a boy he preferred to spend his time reading or solving puzzles as opposed to running around and playing sports. He was also given to wandering the mountainsides around Midfast, his mother gave him a brown scarf, that he is rather protective of, to help keep warm during his hikes, He was never one to rest when he could help it. He would often stay up all night looking at the stars or reading a new book, once he even got caught smoking a cigarette. He didn’t tend to have many friends since personal conversations bored him but he had allies with other intellectuals of his age due to his keen mind.

His parents were caravan merchants; usually selling Khadorian items aboard or bringing foreign items to Khador. Since he spent a good deal of his time traveling with his parents, he got to see much of Immoren. His parents taught him Cygnarian, it being a common trade language, in addition to his native Ord and the Khadorian he had learned from living next to the border. This also allowed him to expand his repertoire of knowledge now that he could read books in other languages.

For better or for worse, his parents were killed by highwaymen while delivering goods into Khador. Upon hearing the news, he raced to the scene and began his hand at investigation. Not only was he able to find the men who had killed his parents, he was able to find out that the goods his parents where transporting where bought by the government thus making the theft piracy, which is punishable by capital punishment. Pyotr Tikhon, member of Khador’s spy network, noticed that this 16 year old boy had not only solve his parents’ murder and legally manage to kill the men responsible, he was also able to sneak into Khador. The man took Rowan under his wing and taught him how to further hone his skills and use his powers of observation to obfuscate the truth as well.

After two years of training, Rowan repaid the man’s thanks by assisting in a mission of great importance, finding the holes in Llael’s defences. He was to report his findings to Officer Makarov, a female officer who seemed to be starting out herself.

His task was find the weak points in security. While posing as a visitor to The Golden Crucible, he met up with a man named Lamsyn Rimbaldi and the two became fast friends. However, this was no chance meeting. Lamsyn Rimbaldi was a member of Llael’s military force, in charge of domestic defense and counter-attacks. Rowan spent many evenings chatting with Lamsyn, genuinely enjoying his company, but mostly working him over for bits of information. In exchange, Rowan gave up fictional information about “secret” trade routes between Khador and Llael. The two men shared many common interest such as science, truth, and a brand of Llael cigarette called Kerwin’s. This went on for several months until Khador invaded, ending Rowan’s time in Llael and his friendship with Lamsyn Rimbaldi. Only now, he now had an enemy.

Having proved himself invaluable at gathering information, Pyotr offered Rowan a permanent spot in Khador’s spy network to which Rowan refused. While he had enjoyed the benefits of the success he found that he missed the companionship of a fellow thinker, not to mention the taste of a Kerwin, which were rare now that Llael was little more than ruins. He went back to his hometown and began just solving problems for private citizens. Word of his prowess began to spread across Immoren, mostly in upper class circles who could afford such services. Eventually, he got hired by Cygnar to investigate a string of piracy on their coast. During that time he came to know Bastion “Ironhand” Kavanaugh, seasoned soldier and fellow Thurian. Occasionally, Rowan would come across some exceptionally devious plot that would implore him to use every resource at his disposal. He would be able to unravel the mystery but could never get his hands on the man. In his place, however, would be the butt of a Kerwin.

We join Rowan now after some time without a real case but with a mind as powerful as his, he will not allow himself to be idle for long. It’s only a matter of time until he finds something to occupy his time.

Rowan Voyle

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