Flynn Kilbride


Flynn is a man who has worked his entire life to find the solution to the world’s most intricate formulas. He served in Ord for a short time, acting as a field medic for the forces in defense of their borders. Having fought in countless battles, he always carries a hand cannon on his person. After his service in the military, he joined the Golden Crucible to both keep himself enthralled in his work, as well as deal with the injury in his ankle from a stray bullet. The injury doesn’t bother him as much as it did before, but occasionally it flares up and he needs to use a cane to stabilize himself.

His life was rather boring, until Rowan Voyle showed up at his chapter of The Golden Crucible and asked him to identify a Heartstopper Poison. Being happy to help out a fellow intellectual, he accompanied him to find the culprit of the created poison. Even though the man was dead, Flynn found he had a great deal of interest in Rowan’s line of work and asked if he wouldn’t mind accompaniment and a chronicler of his tales.

To this day, Flynn and Rowan spend free time together, smoking and discussing intellectual matters of interest.

Flynn has no immediate family in Khador.

Flynn Kilbride

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