This trollkin carved out his fortune first by pitting people against one another in combat, and then by placing a person versus a beast or animal. When that became too unethical (even for Five Fingers), the trollkin bought out a scrapyard and used it as a ring for what he called ‘Jack Fights.’ The end result put the mercenaries and gangs, as well as Cräton himself into a lot of money. Anyone who had a ‘Jack that wasn’t seeing combat or was toward its last leg, was welcome to come to scrapyard, buff up their weaponry, and patch up damages for a place in the Jack Fights circuit.

Recently he was approached by the head of Winefred publishing to obtain more jack parts, as well as sell off any broken parts to the other gangs around the Iron Kingdoms. The buyers were through the roof, though he had little idea where the parts were coming from, other than that it would be considered illegal outside Five Fingers.

When the Dogcatchers came for him, he was shot by an arrow in the knee. He fought hard, using his skills as a gun mage and a pistoleer to his advantage, but the Dogcatchers outnumbered and took him down, but he escaped with his life with a deal made to Sivasha to filter information to him. He had little problem with this, as he enjoyed his business, and didn’t mind making a little more in the process.



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