Arkin Falk


Arkin is a man of many mysteries. Some say he’s lived in Korsk his entire life on the streets, some say he’s been to every city in the Iron Kingdoms…twice! Well it’s not all false. Arkin has lived his entire life in Korsk, but he’s also been to every city twice. How?

He has connections, a lot of them. Every city has homeless, and a lot of them go through Arkin Falk. He knows what goes through Korsk, above all else, because he sits in a position that lets him hear everything. The hierarchy has a strange makeup to it, but it seems only Arkin himself has the knowledge to explain it. Truth is, he isn’t the top of the chain, but he’s close, and he gets a lot of his information from those beneath him. The web expands to him, but not from him.

Arkin is a professional homeless. He has lived his entire adult life on the streets, and plans to keep it that way. The change he begs for is enough to pay for food and drink, and a little extra from time to time, but it is enough that he should still be alive and in decent health thanks to his Dwarven fortitude. Not having to pay taxes or serve in the military has been the life for him.

Recently, Rowan Voyle has come to him, asking assistance in obtaining information and more. Already, Arkin has heard much about this man, including what he smokes and his exploits over the course of his life. It’s almost scary how much Arkin knows.

But the darkness holds many secrets, and Arkin is very in touch with the shadows of the city.

Arkin Falk

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