Anastasia Vislovski

Iron Fang, Winter Guard Recruit


Anastasia is a new member to the Iron Fang and has a great deal of struggle attempting to redeem her family name. The Vislovski name is attributed to cowards and traitors to the country, though the indiscretions are not paramount to treason or desertion, Anastasia has a difficult time convincing her peers she is worth the training. The members of her family not in the military are wealthy land owners with much push in the transit agency, specifically the Blustavya Train Lines.

She recently has had business dealings with a Cygnaran named Bastion ‘Ironhand’ and this has not gotten her good publicity. Though they are from different sides, they seem to see eye-to-eye on the subject of business, and often have helped each other out in the past.

Anastasia Vislovski

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