Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 5

Solesh 608 AR

Trust is becoming increasingly scarce as a number of revelations have come to light. It appears I am even to suspect members of my own house of ill fated endeavors. Perhaps it was the other but him, the very brother who I loathed yet been indebted to for rescuing me from the field. Of all people to inform me too it is the infamous Rogue that I now take word of? The Sunburst gem was undeniable however why would a thief return it? The mark of the item put that much of a prize on his head, or was this all an attempt to gain my temporarily alliance?

It appears our last job however has given me far more answers regarding Radimir Srata, while bringing up more questions. “Shivers” as he is called, was an inmate turned hand of the guilds, a hitman essentially. My feelings on assassins are well known however it appears I have little choice in making an exception. The Dog Catchers were sent by his father to learn of his fate, and we found him. The blade he wielded, was too similar to the one that impaled me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it most of our time there.

In fact I had words with Dinalagos after our mission for his disregarding the warnings I gave chasing an assassin with such a blade. The old man may consider his life the one to be sacrificed but he appears to understand little when it comes to those blades. If it does not kill you and you are not tended to, there is a chance you become like them. Disrespect from the very man I freed in Llael those years ago. Words were had afterwards and it went far more amicably than expected, but an argument with Dinalagos appears to be the equivalent to having an words with a wall.

However eventually “Shivers” revealed the way to gain his freedom was through the Executioner. A duelist, I was ready to accept such a challenge, even if the man was cheat using trolls. It had been sometime since a duel. Bastian, Gashunk and I took the offer while Rowan and Dinalagos sought to seek an exit elsewhere. The Executioner was a deranged Iosan for certain, and the trolls, well that has been the closest encounter I have ever had with such beasts. Luckily I am far faster than them. The Executioner perished at our hands.

It would be a later conversations that Shiver’s informed that he served sentence alongside of Radimir. I knew… I knew that blade came from him. It appears he was one of the few capable of beating The Executioner in a fight. What is more disturbing is he is the reason the Iosan was blighted. What we did was a mercy killing, which takes away the joy of that victory. That is the fate of the blighted, an incurable madness, given to him how. Was I staring at a possible fate of myself? Am I to become the monster that he was should I never recover?! This cannot be I…

(The few lines are blurred ink from some sort of spilled liquid)

What a waste of good Vodka. For the better those lines were lost anyways, I was starting to sound simply as mad as a blighted. Whatever rage and anxiety faced me has passed. For now their is little else to say outside that I will be having to investigate my brother’s affairs a little closer now. I will also be seeking to start investments within business in Khador. Preferably a small endeavor in which many aristocrats have not stuck their hand yet so I may take a form of credit for not only my sympathetic ties to the organization but one of the few true backers. I could use the reputation boost since it appears the only public engagements I’ve had is socializing with Anastasia and having some mysterious masked Rogue use a masquerade to dance and exchange information with me. Dancing in ceremonial armor had to be a sight, maybe I’ll do him the favor of wearing an actual dress to avoid the vicious heels on my military shoes.

Another… almost humorous twist in my life. Ironhand during the mission discussed what happened that day. Appears he knew little of what happened nor appeared to realize my obsession with it. I must have been doing something right to pass of for so many weeks. However speaking openly of it is strange, I am uncertain I like it, but if it makes me more human than monster, I will indulge it.



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