Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 4

End of Rowan, 608 AR.

Why do thieves think it is a wise idea to steal from the Makarovs? Appears the Rogue chose to make a target of my father and I upon our private train, and I am far from impressed. At least he had manners to introduce himself so I know the face of the man I seek. Rowen offered some knowledge, I believe I will have to look a bit more into it.

Speaking of, the last job has proven a more than fruitful endeavor to my own goals. We were tracing scrapped warjack parts from battleground shipped in. Eventually led us to find a fight arena for the warjacks in the hole of a city Five Fingers. The owner of the said ring, a capable gunmage, despite the beating we gave him… shall prove a useful contact. If there is one place Radimir Srata would have passed through it must have been there. He will likely have discarded the name Radimir but there is no removing the scar I left him in turn.

The job went well though there seems to be some interest questions of morality amongst our companions. Dinalagos revealed a very… I am uncertain how to describe the mannerisms I saw. Admittedly I have little qualm with lying to a target and turning them in later, but Makarov’s in business are taught to be ruthless. Most of those we deal with are not the sort I would hold any regrets to double crossing anyways. Bounty Hunting is as business after all, and each of us have goals, and mine is to ensure the biggest gain is made from a job.

Speaking of, there was a far from pleasant encounter with some pathetic excuse for a middle level house. The Matriarch dared to show a Makarov such disrespect despite it is their house buying parts from such questionable individuals. One should learn not to insult particularly vindictive nobility with connections. Well at least it appears one of their sources have been cut which means they will have to go through months of seeking a new merchant to purchase from.

Ah, and yes, I am uncertain how I could leave out this detail. Apparently there is someone out to sabotage Ironhand. Anastasia requested a meeting to inform me of the situation and when I arrived my uncle informed me of his gun’s backfiring. A secondary look revealed the gun’s tampering a_nd I informed him of Bastion’s actions as a Dog Catcher. I vouched for him, sometimes I worry about my actions, has this poison made me so weak? At least I took some enjoyment of seeing to his release myself. A simple pleasure. Such things have been fewer and farther between as the months roll on.

I need to pen another letter to Sergei requesting the upgraded custom armor. However, I also wish to speak with this Anastasia more. Her family appears to be that labeled, cowards and hinted traitors, making her place in the Iron Fangs interesting. A woman with something to prove is always interesting and her actions have all worked in my favor. Apparently I need to relearn this socializing ability, a pity she had to endure training with Kigir. Am I simply bored? I know not with my condition anymore but it has to be more entertaining then the social parties as of late.



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