Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 3

Rowen 9, 608 AR

Strange how a few simple words results in the loss of what patiences I have left.

Business took an interesting turn, somewhat personal in fact. It started yesterday when mother summoned me to inquire of Rowan’s talents. A blade belonged to Commander Svlada Tankjin, an ancestor on my mother’s side, had been stolen from the Museum of Khadoran Military History. Due to my business with the Dog Catchers, she knew of our dealings, and sought to hire him onto the case.

Rowan Voyle is a curious man. His room littered with various stacks of papers each likely linked to their own different cases. I hold no doubt few are large scaled conspiracy theories with how often he buries himself into his work. It is that very fixation and determination that makes him a valuable ally, and one I have a preference to working with. While I can aid him little on his investigations, my rank and status, better yet my family’s, gets him where he needs to look. There are a few things to be learned from the man. As I have said, each ally is a valuable asset in someway, Rowan’s is his intelligence, foresight, and extensive knowledge one can learn from.

We started at the museum where Rowan discovered a small hole in the skylight a small individual needed to go through. Gobber clearly. However it was reported the owner of the blade had passed, so checking out his location we found, a far more gruesome sight. The door kicked in with a large foot. The servants littered the floor, ripped open almost effortlessly, it reminded me of that battlefield. I muttered something about war but I am glad I did not lose myself to dare mention its familiarity to the Cryx brutality. The one responsible appeared to love the kill. Rowan recalled in the paper stating a priceless gem known as the Sunburst had been purchased, clearly the next target.

It was there the job want poster was delivered. Tavik Stonehammer sent word the Pack Rat was wanted, alive for 500 and extra 500 for knowledge of the blade’s location. Eventually we caught up with the other three of our party: Dinalagos, Gashunk, and Bastian, to inform them what knowledge we had already procured.

Over all what can be summed up is that our mission went better than expected. Our employer’s life was spared, the gem (which turned out to be a fake) was safe, and full price was rewarded. However there were snags. The smoke bombs, the butler that appeared to be linked within, a very large assassin, and inevitably the L.R initials that represent some greater party involved.

The gobber, the Pack Rat, I turned into the Ravenguard. Initially his interrogation turned up little, not by any fault of Rowan’s skill, but the creatures personality. Then he mentioned they choose between “Success for all” or “My Honor.” I felt almost possessed when I approached offering to take over. I started to threaten him and eventually learned of a pawn shop the blade had been sent. Bastian, surprisingly, went to recover it. I was left to bring the Gobber to my uncle, only to have hit a snag in my path there. Once more this creature brought up my honor, and claimed to know about me. Perhaps I had been been slighted one too many times this night or maybe it did wound me, but without questioning my actions I blew the thief’s fingers off.

No one has the right to speak to me of what shame I feel or the status of my honor, especially some cowardly thief that has never known the horrors of battle. However now, he can carry the scars like many wounded soldiers do, only his are a sign of punishment for pressing his luck too far.

The sword was retrieved and returned to the right hands once more. I do not discredit any team member for their part despite my lack of mentioning them. Dinalagos unique tree of talents ensured the Gobber’s capture. Gashunk and Bastian were guarding the front door where the large assassin entered through. Without them, surely I would have soon faced that beast alone.

Did meet a pleasant woman by the name Anatasia carrying things to what appears to be Ironhand’s new shop. Appears that has carried through successfully. She apparently knew Kigir, something I attempted not to cringe at, but her rank deserves her respect even if the family names she bears is one littered with traitors. Must be some weight to carry knowing many expect the same fate of her I’m sure. I hope for her sake and my own, as she seemed likeable, that no such deed comes to pass.

I need to steady my hand, perhaps its time to retire. The night was long and sleepless, a battle has taken place, and as we appear the victors for now only time will tell. What war are we fighting?



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