Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memoir 1

Progress, at last.

Stonehammer sent an invitation to visit, and then extended an offer of employment in his company. “Dog Catchers” it is called, a simple and almost laughable name, but such little things matter little. What does matter is Stonehammer appears aware of my desire. He spoke of righting a wrong, speaking clearly of the attempt on my life by a traitor within my ranks, that left me in recovery for nearly two years. The way he spoke of it makes one question how much he knows or relates to the subject.

My first job, unpaid work mind you, was to seek out none other that Magus Ironhand to inquire his lack of response to Stonehammer’s invitation. Rowan Voyle, a man I met some time ago during the Llael occupation and fellow Dog Catcher now, would serve as the persuasion. Why would I do such work unpaid? There is a certain satisfaction to be found in Ironhand’s face when he saw me in his drunken stupor. The Thurian could barely hold his blade after so much alcohol. I consider myself fairly merciful for not taking the opportunity to indulge in striking back, but I did not need to feed his ideas of conspiracies against him. I still wonder how that armor fits, the Thurian appeared as though drinking had become sport.

I unfortunately doubt I can still hold drink following my ailment. No time to find out either, or desire, in the coming months I will need to be at the top of my game once more.

Our true first job required tracking down a deserter of the Khadoran army. A fairly straightforward job that required tracking and a little questioning. Rowan’s talents were most useful. Dinalagos, a Nyss whom I recall also meeting in Llael, served as fine tracker. Though my personal favorite interaction, outside reminiscing with Rowan of situational similarities to Llael, was Gashunk’s elegant breaking down a door right onto another mercenary door keep. Intimidating the men after that point was more than enjoyable especially following the disrespect I was shown originally.

Eventually he was captured and brought in. I was left uncertain his motivations for leaving as he spoke of unusual plans regarding a specific type of war jack. Interesting thought of what my country is delving into. Perhaps I am one of the few who truly detests the War Jacks and their presence, loathing the exalting the War Caster’s receive, when it is soldiers who truly fight and die for their country.

I was paid and that was that. Word has circulated of Ironhand now sending out missives regarding a workshop. As much as I detest the war caster and his country, I may have need for such weapons, especially with what I intend to do. However this is a true matter of pride that will take more thought.



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