Dogcatchers of Khador

Sivasha's Memiors

It has been sometime since I have written an entry. The last set of memoirs I locked away, as that chapter of my life was over, the chronicles of woman living a half life were done. I took to writing letters that inevitably stopped due to the danger of the situation, that has progressed far beyond expected. From what was last written allow me to inform all that has transpired. I have taken up leadership of the Dog Catchers, and have been in a transitional phase getting used to my new role. The change is a good one not just for the ascension of power, but assuming such a position forces my hand to keep my temper under control and avoid losing myself to this rage.

My brother, Kigir, has experienced a death and rebirth much as I did. Following the removal of a rat from Empress Ayn’s ear, the position of the Head of the Winter Guard, was opened. This position was offered to me however I felt I must pass and allow Kigir to take charge. I have little experience with the Iron Fang whereas he served at the side of the Red General, it was only natural he take the role in place of our Uncle. Alexei, however, is dead, split in half by Gashunk. It is a subject I am not fond of speaking of, or rather simply dismiss due to a lack of closure it has for me. I never had the answers as to why Alexei wasted his effort to pull me from the field. Why did he not let me die out there? Was there a scrap of hope for my brother… or did he merely wish me to suffer with this and watch his descent into madness. I believe our recently member Kestryl is a little, uneased by the fact it is spoken of so openly, and how I refuse to let them see my feelings regarding it. I may give in more to my emotions than others, but I am still a Khadoran woman, and whether I mourn or curse his name, I will do so in private. Strange to think Kigir and I both now share a drink every so often, when our rivalry lead to us to despising one another for so long, he… he is actually tolerable.

In more recent news, Rogue showed up at my door with a bullet hole in his chest. Apparently he was discovered by this L.R., and the Black Widow took aim at him. This woman understands little of what force she is about to have after her head. Killing the Red General in front of me and attempting to claim Kendrick’s life? A grave mistake. It was only fortunate that I managed to gain the chance to test this woman in combat, to understand what she is capable of. Kestryl seems to have equal interest in her demise considering her crimes against his people. Yes, she is a considerable foe with her age, but she fails to understand how strong my desire to right the wrongs she has caused. I cannot wear my nations color until my armor is stained with her blood. Until the death of the Red General is avenged.

New members of the Dog Catchers are Kestryl and Priest whose face I’ve never seen but he is known as Grimm. Both are terribly effective at what they do. However trust in them is limited. In the end I believe both truly have their own use for the Dog Catchers and are using our resources to further their own goals. While not uncommon I have a feeling their true loyalties lie outside, and should our jobs ever come into conflict with these goals relying on them for such matters will become problematic.

Speaking of trust, it appears the man I have trusted the most in this, has given me reason to doubt him. It was learned during our last job that Rowan has had a number of meetings with individuals that we now call enemies. He has met with the Black Widow, met with L.R. recently, and knew of the possible demise of Rogue and said nothing to me. While I understand keeping emotions in check on such subjects, that knowledge, did he not understand what it would have meant to me? While yes I am angry, I am more disappointed than anything, how can I place faith in someone who hides such details? The matter of the Black Widow seems much older but this L.R is incident is fresh. He had an opportunity to kill him but they apparently met up to simply have a chat. Well if the time of holding grudges is over then he is going to have to deal with my next move. If I cannot trust him… leaving only Gashunk, who Morrow have mercy, is preoccupied with his children, I will need to call in someone who does have my trust. This may be a long shot, but he owes me his life, and he is aware of this fact. Since Rowan has proven that he can so casually meet with our enemies, then he can look past this grudge.

Rogue is not counted in this because while I wish him to stay, I do not wish to see him further harmed in this. He is a good spy, but he has admitted he is not a killer, and right now I’m going to need a killer. Besides someone has to look after my office while I’m away and it sure as hell will not be Kigir. Hrm… he might even be able to forge my handwriting, remind to inquire of these talents later on. Might prove useful in the future.

I am going to be reallocating some of my resources to start following rumors of a strong Wind in the North, and when he is located, I will take the horn and summon him myself.

Our job made us realize that it was not the Khadoran Empress who was the target but the Ordic diplomat. I am uncertain I have ever seen Rowan squirm so uncomfortably. I assume he is packing for a trip…. I am more concerned with this knowledge he withheld that we all learned from the foreigners trying to stop the Widow, whom it appears we accidentally killed… they did not speak in any language we knew but only after informed us of their aligned goals…

I do not find such timing amusing.

I believe if this man truly has the ability to control a dragon, then I can truly steal Dinalogos’s attention from his current task for now… even he cannot deny what must be stopped.



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