Dogcatchers of Khador

Korsk Tribune 6

For the remainder of Solesh and majority of Octesh

Sunburst Gem Returned!

After months of its disappearance from its previous benefactor Gaius Stanic, the Sunburst Gem, previously pilfered by an unknown entity, has been returned and is safe in Stanic’s hands. The Gem was returned by one Rowan Voyle, member of the Dogcatchers, and an up and coming detective in Khador. The Ordic man has carved out a niche in Khador solving difficult crimes, and he has impressed authorities and enthusiasts alike.

Now that the Gem is in Stanic’s hands again, it will be placed in the Khador National History museum at the edge of Korsk where it will be under lock and key, and constant surveillance. Chief Security Officer of the museum, Granice Shiska, states: “We’ve lost it once in tranist, and now that its under our watch, we will have someone standing by on alert.”

Rioting Takes a Strange Turn in Rynyr

After another month or rioting, and several acts of vandalism and arson, the rioting has suddenly stopped all through Rynyr. An air of uneasy calm has fallen over the civilian and military forces inside of the city. No one is sure why the riots have stopped, and many arrests were made as soon as everything came to a halt.

The total number of arrests have reached the thousands, inside and outside of Rynyr, as bandit forces have also suddenly stopped their rampage in the country.

“We’re not sure why it’s stopped, but we plan to use this standstill as a means to put things back in order,” says General Zaitschev.

Prison Breaks Take a Dark Turn

A recent prison break has released a dangerous criminal back into the streets, and authorities are wasting no time in searching for him. So far, they have uncovered nothing of the whereabouts of Fenric Combs (Inmate #: 311192). Combs is noted for several accounts of extortion, theft, and murder, though his recent injuries have baffled authorities as to how he has escaped.

Along with Combs, Anton Murdov, a traitor to Khador, has also been liberated and is nowhere to be found. The two seem to be on the run together, as they escaped on the same night, and their footprints are seen leading away from the scene.

Any information should be reported to the Winter Guard immediately.

Menites in Khador?

Because of the recent attacks against Rynyr, forces were put on edge when a small band of Menite Scrutators and a lone woman were admitted into the borders. While we couldn’t question them on their presence, the young woman was identified as Matilda Alkott, a woman responsible for several published works in the Forensic Investigation field, as well as several of the modern investigative tools used by many detectives today.

She and her party are currently residing in Korsk, though their movements are unknown.



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