Dogcatchers of Khador

Korsk Tribune 3

Rowen 6 608 AR

Illegal Steam Jack Parts Found in Transit

On Rowen 2, Khadoran authorities inspected a trade caravan set for Korsk to find a large amount of military grade ’jack parts within its carts, hidden among foodstuffs and furs. According to officials, the tradesmen played dumb to the parts, but were arrested all the same and placed in jail until the matter could be settled.

The origin of the parts is mostly a mystery, but officials determine they have been recovered from the front in the wake of the last few battles and shipped to be used as free, cheap parts for resale. An investigation is underway to determine whether the smuggling is part of a larger ring of criminals, or if the crime was simply a spur of the moment action.

Priceless Blade Stolen

Officials are uncertain of the date, but Commander Svlada Tankjin’s historic blade was pilfered from the Museum of Khadoran Military History. The blade has nearly one-hundred years of history behind it, and is celebrated as the blade responsible for ending the first Thornwood Skirmish. The theft is a mystery, as there are five guards posted at four hour intervals all day to keep an eye on the treasure.

It is believed the theft is the work of a famous thief by the name of The Pack Rat. But his usual calling card of slaughtering the owner of the artifact has not occurred, and that is usually his calling card. Perhaps it is simply because the owner has passed years ago.

Comb Family Crumbles, Ord Economy Crashes

The Dogcatchers have once again made themselves known, apprehending the head of the Combs Family of Ord, Fenris Combs. It may be recalled that Combs is wanted for several counts of extortion, theft, and vandalism. Murder may now be tacked onto his track record, and it is thanks to the Dogcatchers that Fenris found his way into a cell. After losing both of his arms at the elbow, it took a few minutes for him to stabilize, but he was given medical attention upon reaching the Khador prison.

A member of the Dalston Trade Company was also arrested for acts of extortion, but his first name has been withheld by family.

Following the crumbling of the Combs Family, its largest operation, Combs Manufacturing and Shipping, has hit rock bottom, and an estimated 5,000 workers have lost their jobs. “I’m not sure what to do anymore,” says Ginny Havelock, a former line worker at Combs, “The company was the only thing keeping a lot of us employed, and now we have nothing.”

The moral conundrum of helping the many while persecuting the few is something on everyone’s minds now.

Menoth Assault on Rynyr Results in Failure

With a combinations of Khadoran resolve and help from Llaelese insurgents, Menoth’s attack on Rynyr has been beaten back for the time being. The attack occurred on Rowen 3 and lasted until Rowen 4, and was followed by four legions of Menite soldiers again a single legion of Khadoran soldiers.

“We’re not sure how we triumphed, other than our men and women’s will to live,” states General Zaitschev, “We were outnumbered and outgunned, but as soon as they began to storm the walls, a massive cry ripped through their ranks and they dispersed.”

The mystery of their victory is not being investigated, as it may turn against them at any point.

Urcaen Prediction

Today is a day to remember those who have fallen to protect our rights, give thanks to those who have served and are still alive, and embrace your family members, because you may never see them again.

Wisdom: Keep tempo with every third thought, avoid the number 12, and cut out the middle man.

Opinion Column

Topic: Counterfeiters

As you may have read, counterfeiting has become a large issue within our borders. The Dogcatchers were tasked with taking down the ring, but they have yet to do so. You know what I think? The counterfeiters got to them, and they cut them a deal. That’s how they’re able to live so well. I also hear they have a troll and a Cygnaran in their midst. Shady!

I say we look at the local criminal organizations though, the Robin’s Nest and the Durga Gang are my guess. Think about it, they’re the two richest gangs in Korsk, and they have the most to gain from it.


Alexei Gruzinsky

The Dogcatchers are irrelevant in the equation of their involvement. We’re dealing with crafty fellows who know how to make us run around each other. Take a look at the Khadoran First Bank, we give them all of our money, and they just keep charging us…just for holding it. What’s up with that?

Michal Faltin

It’s been Hell trying to pass the money at any given noon or evening hour. I can’t bring fake or real bills or coins to the market! Every time I do, I’m waiting for hours on end.

This has become a problem, and it needs to be solved, or else we’re going to take a huge shot to our economy. I’m out hundreds of koltinas just based on this counterfeiting stupidity.

When it’s Rowen 12, it will come time to get whats for me and mine.


To Alexei Gruzinsky:

That’s right, the Dogcatchers do have a Cygnaran and a troll, and we’re two of the fiercest warriors in Western Immoren! If you think we’ve something to do with the counterfeiting, you’re as dense as they come. We make our coin honestly. Speaking of, if any of you are in need of proper weapons and armor, come see me at Iron Arms.

Bastian Ironhand

Korsk Tribune 3

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