Dogcatchers of Khador

Kestryl's Report #3

Delivered by a beggar-child for 1 koltina

I have secured a sanctuary where I might conduct my research in private. Using the funds gained from my first mission with the Dogcatchers, I hired a team of discreet masons to refurbish an old sewer chamber into something fitting my needs. It is isolated and secure. If any has need, let him walk one mile due west from Korsk’s city square. There, take the alley north, and look for a sewer grate. Climb down and follow the main channel. Pass the first intersection and then look to the left wall. There lies the false door, concealed as stone. It requires a key, which I possess, but the enterprising among you should have no trouble gaining access. Should I depart from Korsk, I will leave the key hidden nearby. Otherwise, leave me a message, and I will grant you access when I am able. I have left 2,000 koltinas within to support any Seekers who pass through. Take what you must.

Scyrah preserve us,
Kestryl Syvas



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