Dogcatchers of Khador

Kestryl's Report #2

Dead drop, Korsk alleyway

Fortune has smiled upon me – I have not been in Korsk an entire day, and already I have made great strides toward necessary ends. Upon my arrival, I approached Tavik Stonehammer of the Dogcatchers and offered my services. He was amenable to my joining, but ultimately my acceptance would be up to the rest of the group. He summoned the others to get their input, and then he surprised them by retiring – and handing over control of the Dogcatchers to Sivasha Makarov.

With Makarov acting as captain, we plunged into solving a new issue in Korsk. The captain of the Winter Guard, a man named Durga, had forced a curfew upon the city, which seemed to adversely affect the lower classes. I gathered that Captain Makarov has had a long-standing feud with Durga, as she sent us out at once to gather evidence proving corruption on his part. Rowan Voyle and I obtained evidence that Durga had orchestrated a jailbreak in the past, while the rest of the group found their own proof. As luck would have it, Rowan introduced me to a member of the Golden Crucible during our escapade. His name is Killbride, and he has agreed to speak with me more in the future.

Ultimately, we brought our combined evidence to the military secretary, and Durga was sentenced to death. However, to reach this point, Captain Makarov lost her younger brother Alexei (to Gashunk’s blade, no less!). I expected the Captain to be angry or distraught, but I am told that she was not fond of Alexei, and it seems his end was inevitable. After the short trial, I introduced myself to the military secretary and presented my papers, so I now have some standing with the officials of Korsk. I hope to use it to gain access to the city’s library. Surely there are ancient tomes hidden within!

Scyrah preserve us,
Kestryl Syvas



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