Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 4

“I was told by the housekeeper that I had a friend waiting for me in my quarters. This was strange as, other than Flynn, I haven’t met many people who can relax enough around my scrutiny to call themselves my friend. I was right to be suspicious as waiting for me was an Iosan woman who referred to herself as Merryl, obviously a fake. She came to try and dissuade me from my investigations into L.R, a foolish endeavor. However, that bitch had smoked three of my Kerwin’s and was strapped up with explosives. She said they would be keeping an eye on me. This only emboldens me, however, since I know they are wary of me and now I have a place to begin finding out more information; It is impossible to keep a tail on someone without them being able to follow it back to the head.”

“I decided it was best to inform one of the others about the predicament my past and present seemed to have created. Shivasha dropped by and as she had a frame of reference for the information she seemed the best candidate. She seemed to take my revelation well and was properly concerned about the information I intimated to her…”

“…we took a job to rescue a man from a prison-stay gone long. While it seemed like a strange job to take I found a certain appeal to the idea of freeing a man who had paid his due. Once again, our current justice system has failed its citizens.”

“…the prison/city was as strange a place as one could imagine. It was like any other sun-baked, hole-in-the-wall, backwater town except all the neighbors were valuable, dangerous criminals. We were led to The Warden’s office and spoke with him at length about the prisoners freedom. He did not seem too keen to help us, for free that is. I tried to arrange a business proposition with him about where we unload our prisoners but he didn’t seem interested…”

“…using the pin holes in the wall and a map of the city, I was able to determine some possible locations to begin our search. This method must be remembered, shared, and capitalized upon. The locations were murder sites, turns out our man was an assassin of sorts..”

“…Din and I went to find a way out of the prison. I guess one could do battle with the Executioner of the prison but the statistics for that route were unfavorable. We searched for hours and came up empty handed. However we made a right turn and found ourselves at the fight in progress. We pulled the floor out from under three trolls, the fall killing them instantly. Some kind of disturbance happened above but I was out of view…”

“I find myself with a good sum of money after this last job. I’ve had an idea buzzing about in my skull but I don’t know anyone with the skills to create such a projectile. I need to see if I could commission a member of The Golden Crucible to manufacture this weaponry, just like in there past. This could be the first of many investigator’s gadgets that I could think up to go along with the method of criminal science I’m working on…”

“My birthday is coming up soon, or was, I need to remember to cross off the days on my calendar. Either way, that is my signal for my annual day off. I believe I shall spend it researching the methods of noteworthy investigators or maybe trying to broker a few small business dealings in Ord, but no working. Once I finish writing up my treatise on modern prison reform that is…”



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