Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 3

“I have spent my time going back over my books and notes about the system of law in the Iron Kingdoms and the modern science of investigation. After a thorough search my assessment of them is that they are woefully inadequate. There is no search for truth or knowledge, just quick satisfaction for the offended. This must change…”

“…Seems someone is out to get Bastian but, I’m not sure who as much as it pains me to admit. A gun of his design seems to have been sabotage. The list it too long to narrow at this point. It could have been the work of someone with a grudge against his homeland or a merchant that is tired of losing customers. Bastian does seem to have a way of antagonizing the locals.”

“It would appear that the word “justice” is ill-defined amongst our group. After promising leniency to a gunmage that offered all the damning information we sought, which he had in spades, members of my group wanted to double-cross the man. I spoke out against this course of action, I had to. To lower myself to the level of the people we seek is abhorrent to me and I see no reason not to bring people to justice through the proper channels, flawed though they may be. If I can show the restraint to bring my parent’s killers to justice in a lawful fashion then surely my team members can do the same against strangers. We are investigators and lawmen, not leg-breakers or assassins. I know my role in the group is to be the eyes and mind of the group but must I also be their moral compass?"

“I must make another meeting with a man named Arkin Falk. While a poor man, he seems to have a wealth of knowledge that may prove useful in my upcoming endeavors. I enjoying conversing with those who have excellence in a field that is not my own; I cannot become broader in my scope by remaining focused in only a few subjects. However, as I cannot know everything try as I might, having access to a man connected to a web of information is invaluable.”



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