Dogcatchers of Khador

Excerpts from Rowan's Personal Notes vol 12

…“There have been some changes to the order of business in the Dogcatchers. First off, Tavik is no longer our leader. That role has fallen to Sivasha as it’s a role she is best suited for. We also got a new member, Kestryl, to replace Bastian while he is working on his own projects. Kestryl seems like a quiet Iosan. It may be some time before I learn what brought one of his kind to our doorsteps. He does not appear to be a threat, for now”…

“We’ve gotten a bit of good news for the Dogcatchers. The city is in an uproar over a new curfew put in place by the Winter Guard that affects the lower class. The majority of people started rioting over the curfew which gave us the opportunity we need to get Durga out of power. We split up to find as much information as we could to link Durga to the problems throughout the city. It was nice to do some old fashion detective work.”

…“I partnered with Kestryl during our fact finding mission. We found some evidence linking Durga to the break outs and then we had to split up to cover more ground. I had Kestryl go gather the information from Craton while I went to investigate a missing weapon. I had found a machine that could control thoughts; a machine I find deplorable. While there I also found proof linking Sivasha’s brother to the turmoil”….

…"Kestryl got the information we needed from Craton and proved to be a big help during this adventure. So far he has proven himself useful and is beginning to earn my trust. I rarely base putting my trust into people because “it feels right” but only when they can prove to me that they are useful. The more useful you are the more I’ll let you know to make you even more useful. It’s not about sentimentality, it’s about resources"…

…“Gashunk had taken part in the riots and was the one who struck down Alexi. It had something to do with Gashunk’s pet project with the orphans. Sivasha didn’t appear to be too bent out of shape over the ordeal. We had Durga tried and he was sentenced for his crimes. It felt good to let the courts do their job”…

“I found a card in my room. It seems Lamsyn has discovered what happened to Vargus. Looks like the extra time I bought for us is up. I must get moving faster than ever if my goals are to be reached. I have the money and the influence I just need to talk with the Golden Crucible. If I can get my crime lab started I will have more time to deal with the Rimbaldi issue. If I can bring him to justice I can use his case to springboard my cause of an interkingdom criminal court system. One thing at a time though. My next step is to get some researchers in my back pocket and find a proper facility for them to work. I believe I might try to set it up with the group in Midfast and then have the Korsk group fall in line. This is bigger than just myself so it should be done properly.”



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