Dogcatchers of Khador

Bastian's Journal #8

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

I am alive. Despite what events have occurred, and despite what I have done, I am alive.

Truth be told, I don’t rightly know where it all started. I suppose it was back when Pendrake arrived in Korsk, looking to turn me into a spy for him. I denied him, of course. Why I did at the time, only Morrow knows, he does, but something about it just didn’t sit right in my heart. It isn’t that I’d turned traitor to Cygnar or fallen in love with Khador by any stretch of the imagination, but I saw things askew to how I had once, and I didn’t see anything to be gained by my spying. So I refused, and Pendrake left. And in that moment, I believe I sowed the seeds of hatred in his heart, for when he did return, he did so with only vengeance in mind. Unknown to the other Dogcatchers and myself, we found ourselves with bounties upon our own heads. A team of hunters found us and gave us quite a fight – and we would’ve beaten them had they not taken the coward’s way and kidnapped Teagan. With her in danger, I had no choice but to give myself up to their clutches. My allies came to rescue us, but we were outmatched and outgunned, for an entire force of Cygnaran warcasters had marched into Korsk unchecked! And of course, at their head was none other than Victor Pendrake. He took my sister, vowing to end her life if we did not show ourselves in Thornwood in one month’s time. So we waited. I passed the time as best I was able, but I mostly brooded and drank until the time came to leave for that desolate place. When we finally arrived, I was taken captive once again in exchange for my sister’s life. I was to be executed as a traitor, – and this I accepted, so long as Teagan would live. But my allies – no, my friends – weren’t content to sit and watch me be hanged, they weren’t! That crazed Menite summoned up fires like I’ve never seen and drove the warcasters toward the Khadoran border! Meanwhile, Teagan got to safety as Blackjack ran to my aid, and we Dogcatchers showed Pendrake why our name is feared! We defeated him there, on that scorched earth, and as he kneeled before me, I cut off his head for what he had done. Now I am a true traitor to Cygnar, and I shall never return home. But for my dear sister’s life, no price is too high. Should they come for her again, I swear by all the gods that I will march to Caspia myself, and I will not stop until all of their forces lie dead before me.

But may it never come to that. We are safe here in Korsk, we are. I may miss my family and my home, but I’ve made new ones here. And I am still alive.



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