Dogcatchers of Khador

Bastian's Journal #7

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

Good Morrow! We lead exciting lives, don’t we? Even though we’re lying low to avoid the Winter Guard, adventure still seems to find us. A kindly lady gobber got wind of where we were and commissioned us to find her husband, Izig. He’s some great brain fellow, he is. Problem is, his regular letters to his beloved had stopped, and she got worried about him. So she sends us to his secret facility, hidden under a house in the middle of nowhere. What we found was a bit disturbing – dead trollkin and deader scientists. As we explored and eventually found Izig himself (alive, though Morrow only knows how he made it, even with his fancy mechanika), the mystery unraveled a bit for us. Our old friend Vargus made the scientists perform these vile experiments on the trollkin in order to unlock the secret of their powerful healing. Needless to say, Gashunk was less than pleased, and it took some fast talking to keep him from tearing Izig in half, it did. On top of it all, they were using Orgoth tech to enhance the trollkins’ healing, and the successful test subject was none other than Gashunk’s old chieftan. We put him down, I’m sorry to say. I haven’t seen much of Gashunk lately. I suppose he’s drowning himself in a bottle, though I hope he’s not just running away from this. It’ll blow up bad, it will, if he tries to put it away. I’ve run enough from my own demons to know. I suppose I still am in a way.

Speaking of my demons, I sent Adept Pendrake back home. I told him I’d nothing to tell him, and even if I did have something that’d help Cygnar, I don’t know that I’d give it up. He thinks I’ve turned traitor, perhaps for Azarov. But nothing could be further from the truth! I love Cygnar. I just wish we could all see that we’re so much more the same than different. Zachik has helped me see that, she has. Just by existing, she’s a miracle. A Menite and a Khadoran? And then that she could love a Cygnaran… Well, suffice to say, she’s some woman, and she gives me hope for the future. For our countries’ futures, and for mine and hers.



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