Dogcatchers of Khador

Bastian's Journal #4

From the journal of Bastian Ironhand…

I had my work interrupted by a surprise visit from the Winter Guard. They dragged me in under suspicion of spying for Cygnar. Irritated as I was, I suppose I can’t blame them. I know I wouldn’t take kindly to a Khard lurking around in Cygnar. They freed me once Makarov vouched for me. I hate to say anything kind of her, but these last weeks I’ve seen her act with honor, valor, and grim determination. It made her a formidable foe on the battlefield, and she has been a steadfast ally as a Dogcatcher. It makes me wonder, it does. Wonder and doubt. Are we all really so different that we must resort to war? What are we really fighting for? What have I killed for? I see Rowan striving for truth, and the Nyss for, well, something. His own brand of righteousness, perhaps? Still, he chases it with a cold fury like I’ve never seen. And what am I after? A bit of gold and patched up pride?

Despite my rough treatment at the hands of the Winter Guard, I’ve experienced kindness here as well. I met a woman, a fellow tinkerer and warcaster. Could she be a friend?

Someone sabotaged a rifle I created in an effort to discredit my name. Surprisingly, the Winter Guard said they’d look into the matter. Still, I think conducting my own investigation might turn up more fruit. I shall compile a list of local gunsmiths and bring it to Rowan.

We took down a ring of battlefield looters who were smuggling salvaged warjack parts. We did some good, I suppose. I need to get back to the workshop. If I don’t keep working, my wandering mind is going to drive me mad, it is.



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