Dogcatchers of Khador

Bastian's Journal #2

From the journal of Bastian Kavanaugh…

Things are looking up! We got ourselves a nice sum and a bit of reputation, we did. A local merchant was concerned about the presence of counterfeit coins circulating through his warehouse, and his son was caught using the stuff. The merchant wanted us to prove his son’s innocence and bring the real culprit to justice. Well, once we get investigating, we find some crates of Ordic peat in his warehouse – only, they aren’t just peat. They got chopped up bodies in there as well! The crates were shipped from Combs in Midfast, so off we went to look him up. We found ourselves at a big shipping operation and pushed our way in to meet Combs himself. He didn’t take kindly to our accusations, but after some forceful persuasion, he confessed to his crimes. He confessed something else, too – it seems the merchant’s son wasn’t so innocent after all. He was trying to ruin his father’s business in order to partner up with Combs. Well, we dragged Combs back to Korsk with us and told the merchant everything. He didn’t take the news about his boy’s betrayal so well, but he paid us all the same. We never did find out where those coins were coming from…

The money’s building up. Soon I can furnish my warehouse proper and get Iron Arms on the map!



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